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byMindaugas, July 8, 2011
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your module is really nice. It would be great if could add the ability to change the date format. Also the translation is difficult for those who have a number of a minute, hour, day or week in the middle of a sentence f.e. "3 hours ago" in my language would be "prieš 3 valandas".
I've changed these thing in the code, but then updates are quite difficult.
Owner's reply

In the next release, I'll make the change so that the value can be in the middle of the text area. As far as the date options go, you can either display times in a relative manner (X days ago) or as the absolute date which is formatted according to your site's configuration.

byMindaugas, December 20, 2010
HOT Image Slider
After trying several other extensions I've stumbled upon this one and found it to do exactly what I needed. It works as a charm, exept for those two things as mentioned by previous reviewer.
I see that it has been updated a long time ago, but I hope that developer are still working on it, and we will be able to use this extension on Joomla 1.6 websites. I've tried the migration to 1.6 and it seems kind of easy as this extension was written following Joomla extension development guidelines.