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byMissFroggy, August 18, 2014
Responsive CSS3 Slider
It's a lovely, easy to use module. I found it very aesthetic as well. The only thing is that, for some reason, when excluded from pages ( i.e. menu assignment) it affects the css in general sizes of div containers. No idea how/why, but it is nothing serious, just the template size looks a little different on the pages where the module is not "showing". Other than that, it's a great extension!
byMissFroggy, June 5, 2014
Simple Mobile Detection
Guys, a million thanks!!! It solved a problem that I've been battling with for so many nights! Seriously awesome plugin :)
byMissFroggy, May 30, 2014
Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore
Huge THANK YOU to ExtStore! What a beautiful way to display projects! and it is so easy to configure, it's unbelievable :) Would give you 6 stars if I could! Best: it's FREE!
byMissFroggy, May 29, 2014
True Typography
Ok, I must admit - I went crazy with the possibilities of changing fonts in every div class I could think of ;-) but it is soooo easy to use and so quick to add your own stuff, how could I resist?! Anyway, after fiddling with it I had to slow down to keep the "frame" of the site and not overload it :-P Awesome job, guys! Thanks, you made my day
byMissFroggy, May 29, 2014
I used the free version and it was pretty cool. I switch to basic paid one coz I need one extra feature. Overall, it is quite an extension, packed with so much potential and possibilities. Got to admit that it took me a little time to figure it out as a beginner in Joomla altogether. But I managed and I didn't even read the docs(not saying it's a good thing not to read instructions) Anyway, it works like a dream :)
byMissFroggy, May 29, 2014
SP Weather
A pretty straight forward and neat extension. Nothing else to add. Well done to developers!
byMissFroggy, May 29, 2014
LG Offline Page
It is so easy to use and looks amazing. I agree that it is not showing responsive on my mob devices but nonetheless it looks great. The option of the block in HTML is a nice feature and pretty useful alternative, especially is one wants to use images.

Well done! really nice extension!