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byMitchblue, June 26, 2012
JCH Optimize
I tested this right away and for the most part it worked quickly and speeds were very fast. But I have an accordion style menu in the left sidebar and some of those after clicking load dog slow. One menu choice won't load at all. I'll keep at it because it seems to be a great extension.
byMitchblue, June 23, 2012
Simple Youtube Channel
I like this very much but is there a way to remove the thumbnails say to the bottom? I only have a certain of amount of space and the thumbnails on the side takes up too much.

Thank you..
byMitchblue, June 20, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
I use the free version and its a huge need if you don't want modules on articles that aren't linked to a menu item. It saved the day so to speak.
byMitchblue, June 18, 2012
Latest News+ Date
Perfect and the looks are incredible. Makes my site stand out. Nice work.
byMitchblue, June 15, 2012
A couple things I like about it and are great for me, 1.) It leaves my meta descriptions alone that I already entered and 2.) It adds to the ones I completely forgot about.

And I love the different options concerning site title/page title/custom title and so on.

Nice job. Oh yeah, it's free. Beats paying 147 bucks ;-)
byMitchblue, June 9, 2012
Add FullAjax
I used it with a Joomla standard template and it works really well. Unfortunately, for me, I use YooTheme and its not compatible. Oh well, bummer.

Good Plugin nonetheless.
byMitchblue, June 7, 2012
Easy Popup
It's pretty good. Worked right away and works great. I wonder if I can change the font size within the popup? I hope I can because that would be cool.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review.
It is very much possible to increase or decrease the font with the popup. Please open a support ticket, we will let you know the changes that has to done.

byMitchblue, June 5, 2012
This is one sweet extension. I have tables and tables and more tables in Tabber and it works flawlessly.

I have so much code in there I thought it might blow up but its works seamlessly into my site.

So Thank you.
byMitchblue, May 30, 2012
Meta Robots
Looks pretty sweet so thank you. I read the forum where this idea was brought about and think its great that someone needed help and you created a plugin. Outstanding.
Owner's reply

It was a good idea, and I had the ability.

Glad you like it!

byMitchblue, May 26, 2012
Ignite Gallery
I downloaded this and I was a bit overwhelmed and wasn't sure what to do. Somehow 3 minutes later I was done and it looks great. I mean easy. So thanks..