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byModboy, July 23, 2008
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I guess this extension is the best download manager at the moment.
But please if you release your extensions in a compressed file don't add the .svn files with it, we don't want and need all that mess on our server, there is a function in SVN where you can export the files in a clean way for release, use it!
Owner's reply

Thanks, although your comments sound rather grudging! The .svn comment is somewhat nitpicking. I often do use export, but in any case the subversion files do not stay on the server, since they are not in the packaging XML.

byModboy, May 11, 2008
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Phoca Guestbook
The guest book is not bad although there are some bugs in the admin section but the Captcha totally don't work, after one week of installing this extension the guest book was loaded with spambot messages and i had to disable it.
Owner's reply

Hi, try to use set the Captcha settings (e.g. character) and or try to combine standard captcha and math captcha