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I have made about 100+ sites on Joomla over the years from j1.0 - j1.5 -j2.5 and used hundreds of different extensions so I think I am an informed commenter.
I have used the free version of jevents on a few sites that needed basic features. This week I had a beast of a site to make and needed a heavyweight solution to managing events so I turned to Jevents.
After reading at length all the features of the Gold package I decided to buy a subscription.
I needed to install many jevents plugins to get the desired results from the site and I ran into a problem with one of the plugins.
I posted on the forums and within two hours an answer was placed that solved the issue - my problem not the extensions.
Later on in the build I came across another problem, again posted on the forums - this time the author of the extension was replying to me within 3 hours. In that thread he helped me with 2 or 3 different unrelated problems in hours.
I have posted problems on so many different forums over the years and I have NEVER had service like this!
Thank you Geraint and Tony!
As for the extension itself - there is nothing better in Joomla that does what Jevents does. It is value for money considering all the plugins and integrations to other extensions they have available.

I must also say that the last couple of reviews I see here are negative - as a seasoned Joomla veteran I must say - you upgraded your site not Jevents, if you did not backup the site that was 100% working before the upgrade so you could roll it back if there was a problem - if you think everything is going to work 100% after a version update like the one between j1.7 and j2.5 - then you just learned an important lesson about Joomla ;)
As for being held to ransom - my view is that you pay for 6 months access not lifetime updates - it is clearly stated when you purchase...
byMokum, November 17, 2010
Cache Cleaner
Yet again No number have made an extension that should have been in the core of joomla.
This is a must have extension for any site.
byMokum, November 17, 2010
Modules Anywhere
Once again No number make a tool that has become a must have extension for any site.
This coupled with the advanced module manager give you the functionality that joomla should have in the core, yes I know you can use {loadposition} but this is miles ahead of that.
Advanced Module Manager
I have used this since its release and watched it go from strength to strength, Peter is constantly adding new features and tweaking bugs.
This extension will save you so much time and effort trying to bend Joomla to how modules should really work!
Also I must say the recent change of being able to colour code labels onto the modules in the module manager also really helps out - I colour coded all modules on a site last week and had all the modules the client should never touch in red and the ones he needed to edit in green - really made a difference!
This extension should have been part of 1.6 - damm too late now...