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byMolly, October 28, 2009
Nice PayPal Button
Haven't actually tried the plugin yet but the fact that Michael actually emailed me to personally thank me for purchasing his plugin and offering his help if I had any need for it, impressed me greatly, we can all learn a little from his example. (That's my past business marketing background coming out)
Well Done Michael!
byMolly, September 19, 2009
Ozio Gallery
Great concept, brilliant idea hence the 'good' rating, unfortunately poor on support for English speaking users.

I successfully installed the extension and could view it as a module, however, was unable to get the plugin for Imagerotator (using the generated code) to work in the article content I wanted to place it in

I went for help to the Ozio Gallery website only to find that it was still 99% Italian.

If anyone has managed to get this to work or the owner of this extension reads this, it would be very much appreciated if they could post in the forum so those of us of lesser knowledge are able to contact you without experiencing such extreme difficulty.

As I said previously,

I would rate it as 'excellent' if I could get it to work as it claims.
byMolly, June 9, 2009
Easy Paypal
I have been looking for an easy way to add a PayPal button that doesn't require a university degree to configure, and I have found it in this one. It's a great little plugin particulalry if you have only one or two products to sell. The $10 it costs is money well spent.

Many thanks!
byMolly, February 10, 2009
Simple Picture Slideshow
Many thanks to you for this great little plugin. I have been looking for two days for something that would do the job that I wanted it to and checked out almost every non-commercial download in the extensions directory and yours came up with flying colours. Simple and with the brilliant 'How to' instructions the installation went without a hitch. I can highly recommend this plugin to everyone but particulalry to the Newbies. Congratulations! Well done!