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byMonk2, December 3, 2009
This extension is feature rich, with some very powerful features. Some you can figure out on your own, others you need the manual or tutorials for, others you need help from the developers. This extension's biggest weakness is it's support.

Looking over support in the forum is deceptive because only certain people are getting good help and it doesn't matter between subscriptions. Anything beyond the basics and you'll be accused of wanting them to teach you how to code (laughable). They do respond quickly however quick isn't synonymous with quality. Paid or not. The tutorials are helpful but you can only gain access to ones that really matter when you pay.

I must also admit that this program is a little buggy but what seems to happen is they fix one thing and in the process break another so it feels like it's never stable. You could have your forms and the extension working one day, update it to get the improvements, code changes, or bug fixes, and then it's no longer working properly ...often. Not just every once in a while.

The extension itself is free so if it can do what you need it to, then by all means use it. However, just keep in mind that even if you pay, you may not get the support you want or need even if you see others are getting what appears to you to be great support. When raising concerns in private with support my concerns were taken personally even when they were not. So how can there be any understanding? I was very disappointed and I'm out of some money.
Owner's reply

Regarding the user's description of our support not going beyond the basics - this is the thread that he considered us giving poor support on:

I'll leave the reader to decide if that constitutes poor response or not.