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I began with the IceFuture template and naturally used the IceMegaMenu. Responsive feature was essential.

Let me begin with saying that I like the look of the menu and it works well ... except for. All was well for the first few weeks that I was developing my site. Then mysteriously the responsive feature stopped working on my iPhone. I didn't know what was causing this and spent a great deal of time trying to resolve it. And I went to Joomla forums and of course the Ice Forum for help. Some replies were totally irrelevant to the problem. Others were promises to look at my backend. Never heard back after that. Then the Ice Team woman said she would get an iPhone and look at it and get back to me the next day. Again, never heard back. I persisted for a lead as to how I could resolve it. After weeks, and much pleading that I had put so much time into it and that I was way past deadline, that I just could not abandon their template. I didn't understand why they seemed to be so uninterested in helping. But they didn't care. Their only response was to DISABLE my account from their board.

Apparently they don't have an answer and don't want to deal with it.
Owner's reply

Hello Morbach,

Thanks for using our extensions.

We would suggest to continue posting at the forums. Our support team will help you. We haven't deleted any accounts so maybe your post was transferred to another section.

Also, please be patient because we offer a few free themes and extensions which have a great number of users and the support queries have been high.

Thank you for understanding.

Warm regards,

byMorbach, October 4, 2013
In trying to set-up the extension, it would not accept the first two video formats I tried to upload. There was no way to find out what formats are allowed or to get assistance with any questions because there is no way to contact them. They have a forum, but after spending an hour and a half trying to register for it, it is then impossible to post a question there after hitting the submit button. Then sending an email to the developer at the address listed, it comes back with a failure notice. That indicates that the email address for Mr. Vinoth appears to be bogus. With no means to get support, one is left hanging with an installation that does not work.
Owner's reply

Dear Morbach,

Apologies. I'm not sure why you're not able to post your query in our forum since it's used by lot of users daily without any issues. I will investigate on this.

I have clearly mentioned the supported video formats in our features list. It's the first point in the list too. I'm not sure how you missed to find it.

Also, I noticed you've sent a mail to our support team and it's in the queue. I assure it will be replied within 24 hrs but you have said our mail id is bogus which is really a frustrating feedback for a such good extension.