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byMosschopsArtGav, September 6, 2011
I've used this for a photographic club Joomla site that has a regular membership of 14-20 people but I imagine it could handle unlimited users.
Install is easy but the holy grail is the extensive configuration possibilities without it being too teccie. Tool tips are as clear as can be and the tab layout at the back end easy to get used to.
This is the fourth piece of gallery software I have tried over time and the only one I will use for the foreseeable future. I found it bug free and running as smooth as the rest of the site. I particularly like the way it lays over your template background, almost chameleon like which saves hacking the CSS.
So far I've had three site users email me with high appraisal at how easy JoomGallery is to navigate and how well it looks in a 3 column 4 tier category layout. The slimbox (shadowbox) which is built in works flawlessly from the go which when you consider configuring a shadowbox alone can be a nightmare is a welcome touch when packaged with JoomGallery.
I've only had to ask one support question which was answered very very quickly by Chraneco over at JoomGallery forums (does he ever sleep?) My support Q wasn't a buggy one but simply disabling something in front end view which I'd overlooked in the background, an easy one once you open your eyes a little more.

I'm now going to be using JoomGallery on my personal photography site I find it that manageable and configurable without the headache similar modules and components come with.

Well done to everyone involved in this project. Simply awesome.
byMosschopsArtGav, August 12, 2011
If you can appreciate quality software and free PREMIUM support read on.
I choose my software carefully by looking at the support forums behind each piece of software first and NinjaForge looked impressive. This is my second build but third Joomla site management.
The install went smoothly and was almost ready out of the box with little configuration to go through, although there are plenty of configuration options should you want to go further but without being swamped by needless options, quite simply, perfect.
The NinjaBoard Chameleon template saves a lot of hassle and has the board look like it came with your default template . This saves a lot of hassle and alleviates that sinking feeling when installing other forum software and knowing at first sight that there is a reasonable amount of .css work to do.
As for support NinjaForge were nothing short of superb. I had a very small coding issue that was born out of my Joomla template which upset IE8 when looking at the NinjaBoard. This was resolved professionally, promptly and with such politeness I wish NinjaForge offered interns so I could send some family members there!

I really can't see any cons with this add on. I have used Coppermine patched which was a headache and tried Kunena which in default looked like a forum for a childcare store and hence never installed confidence in me. NinjaBoard just looked right, sounded right and by god it turned out to be just what I wanted.

A big thank you to Mark, John B & the Cap'n over at NinjaForge. You all came up to and exceeded my expectations. Thank you.
byMosschopsArtGav, July 8, 2011
Art ZoomIn
Although this was for my first personal photography based website I've also been managing a Joomla site for a couple of years which is photo based. Over that period of site management ArtZoomIn has been the easiest add-on I've had to configure (almost out of box) so when you also consider its professional appearance ArtZoomIn would suit both beginners and the more experienced alike.
The only issue I had with configuring the software to my site was my template having too smaller module to have the software do what I wanted it to do. I posted my issue on their forum and had an answer within 90 minutes which just about blew my socks off. Of course the answer worked and within another 60 seconds ArtZoomIn did exactly what I wanted it to do.
Please don't anyone think I am company related because of my username. I registered here using a mix of my Joomla and Artetics forum usernames after being compelled to support the company through quality software.
Thank you to the guys and girls at Artetics.