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byMotelsex, November 17, 2009
Content Templater
Very Impressive add-on to my joomla site. A breeze to install and setup - working perfectly and man .. the amount of time this just saved me is immense!!

i love it... only bad thing is i know i'm not going to be able to live without it from this point on.

Thank You For This!!!
Owner's reply

I hear you on the 'bad thing'. That is why I am planning classes to deal with the emotional wounds that are created when you do have to live without it for some reason or other.

byMotelsex, October 30, 2009
HOT Image Slider
Seems like it's a great little module... but it doesn't seem to work well with internet explorer.
Personally, I'm a Firefox guy, but not everyone else is, so it HAS to work in IE.

I'm presently using IE8 with compatibility mode on.

IE bugs:
the menu tabs are falling far below the bottom of the block and won't sit right. (snug)

It's a shame, too, because it looks and works good in Firefox, but i can't use it and have already spent an hour trying to do so.

Thank you anyway.
Your efforts have not gone unnoticed
Owner's reply

Hi friend,

This is not true, you can open our demo site with IE7 (or IE8 compatibility mode) and see how it works. It works in IE6 as well.

If it's not working on your template, there's probably some kind of CSS conflict between your template and this module.