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Mr. Sanitor

byMr. Sanitor, February 7, 2012
Super Panel PRO
It says it is commercial but it is Free.
Get it before mustaq @ herdboy comes to his senses! :)

A true utility for your site. Most people visit one or two pages, this module can give you an entire extra page quickly at your visitors beck and call. Great docs. Unbelievable support. Mustaq and the herdboy site rocks Joomla. I thank you for offering the Joomla community this excellent extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the time to make a Review, it is really appreciated.

byMr. Sanitor, January 27, 2012
June Reaction
This simple extension is addicting. If judging extensions by the length of time you use the demo, is any indication of a good extension, this one is it.
June Reaction is a fine extension that I'd recommend to anyone who wants a little "hook" for users to compete against the clock. Especially good for a gaming site. Thanks June Reaction Developer!
byMr. Sanitor, December 17, 2011
Kupo Slides Pro
My goal was to find a slide show that duplicates what clients pay developers top dollar for. Kupos is a juggernaut and reeks of professionalism. If image is everything, Kupos is top of the class. The initial kicker, that put this over the top, (of the many I tested), was you can add a logo to the picture description. Set's it apart from the crowd. Smooth and sleek.

Truly, a self contained powerhouse.
I use this in combination with Sigplus and my images solutions are now as good as what you'd see at Gucci, etc. Works on the iphone. Money very well spent. Kudos to Kupos. :) Great support as well.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive review :) There used to be lots more reviews like this with responses - but unfortunately the JED had an issue (which made no sense) so you are back on top with the first review :) Thanks!

byMr. Sanitor, December 17, 2011
Sigplus is free and worth $100 or more. It allows you to tweak to your galleries to your hearts content. That the developer offers this for free, is of great benefit in advancing Joomla as a top level cms. The amount of care and accuracy put into it's creation, makes it a joy to use. Works well on the ipad. Once you see what it can do, you'll wonder why you messed around for so long with galleries that limit your creativity. Eternal kudos to Levente Hunyadi for all the work that went into this excellent extension.
byMr. Sanitor, September 14, 2011
Well designed. Interactive. Smooth.
Rolling over the pics becomes a bit
of an "experience". Well done Developer.
One-point-Six! --->$