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byMr.Jinx, February 4, 2013
I wanted to use joomla's default systemcache plugin because it can really speedup page loading. (not the global systemcache, but the plugin, big difference).

However there was always a page or a component that had problems, so I could never enable the cache.

With jotcache, I now have full control! It's easy to exclude compontents / pages and even module positions.
Split browser support is awesome. And the extra page compression also works nice. I want to thank V.Kanich for this excellent piece of work! This should be part of the default joomla software if you ask me.
byMr.Jinx, January 18, 2009
RSform Pro
I'm currently using RSform!Pro to build a large form. It seems almost everything is possible with this component.
For starters it's easy to make a standard form, but if you need more it's also easy to add extra code.
The database plugin (to write to external databases) is awesome, although you have to pay extra for this plugin.

The one thing that is missing is a preview option for users before they submit the form. This is something Phil-a-Form has build in and works great. If Rsform also makes a preview option then this would be the ultimate form component!