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Mr Livered

byMr Livered, April 2, 2012
Core Design Petitions
This is a brilliant plugin, really quick and easy to install and setup (once I found the documentation).

Only thing was, I needed a slight alteration (one of the fields wasn't suitable for my needs). I asked about this in the forum, and the next thing I knew, the developer was making a new version of the plugin to suit my needs and emailing it to me.

He even assisted with migrating from one version to the other.

Absolutely outstanding. Thanks!
byMr Livered, November 9, 2011
Makes life a great deal easier for admins with lots of users who claim to need help managing their own account.

Ingenious idea, well thought through in terms of available parameters. I had it downloaded, installed, configured and successfully tested in about two minutes. Many thanks for this plugin.
byMr Livered, August 10, 2011
jVoteSystem works well, looks good and the support is fantastic. I have donated the very reasonable fee to remove the link. Nice work :)