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byMrCCTV, May 10, 2012
Glassy Menu
I needed a simple and easy solution. Glassy Menu worked exactly as expected.

The only issue I ran into was using relative links on Windows 7 IE9 running in Browser mode IE8. In defense of the authors I did not contact them for technical support I just used absolute links instead.

I still give them a 5 star, outstanding work, looking forward to using some of their other extensions.
byMrCCTV, April 22, 2012
Articles Anywhere
Again NoNumber to the rescue. It seems that just about every site I've developed I have used one of NoNumber’s extensions and as always it does exactly what it says with a minimal learning curve (yes he is teaching an old dog new tricks).

Although I was very surprised on today’s visit to the NoNumber website. The new site looks great! I am glad to see that the licensing/business model has changed. The extensions still have a free version, but now there is a pro version available with extended features and prioritized tech support.

At first finding out about the licensing model I was worried that NoNumber might have started using Zend or ionCube. I had issues before with developers that encrypted their extensions. Reading through the Pre-sales questions, specifically “Can I alter the code” Peter’s answer is “The extensions are fully open source and the code is NOT encrypted in any way. No use of Zend Optimizer or Ioncude.”. Awesome!!!

When I started building websites for fun the free extensions were nice, I was able to learn with a minimal out of pocket costs. Now that I also have changed my business model I am more comfortable with using the pro/paid versions. Not that I’ve needed support from NoNumber, but it’s a nice feeling to know the support is there. Not to mention if the developer is making money they will be around for a while. Nothing worse than getting comfortable with an extension and the developer falls of the face of the earth.

Good job Peter, keep up the outstanding work! Looking forward to using your extensions on future sites.
byMrCCTV, October 22, 2010
After using another gallery extension and having many layout issues with templates designed using Artisteer 2 I started looking around for something easier to work with and that I did not have to do so many modifications to the templates to get everything displayed properly.

What used to take me hours configuring and modifying a new gallery took minutes with JoomGallery. All I had to do was install, add a category, add menu items, and upload pictures.

JoomGallery worked fine with Artisteer 2, no CSS modification needed. I did have an issue with the buttons when I turned on the accordion option for the detailed view. This is still not a big problem as the default layout still looks good.

The JoomImages module exceeded my expectation. Only wish I could link the photos in the slideshow to the detailed view instead of the category view, but still outstanding.

Configuration, yes there are a lot of options, but I like how all the options are grouped together in a Tab format. This format made it very easy to see all the groups and quickly locate the options I needed to modify.

I’m not using SEF for this evaluation but it works fine on a production server running Windows 2003 Server, IIS, MySQL, and PHP. Not sure about the support as I have not needed to reach out for help.

Overall outstanding job!
byMrCCTV, November 30, 2009
Advanced Module Manager
Just what the doctor ordered! Extremely easy to install and use. My dilemma started with using a module that was for a photo gallery component. I only wanted the module displayed while viewing pages within the photo gallery. Needless to say trying to create a menu item for each page in a dynamically driven photo album would be nearly impossible, let alone a huge administrative undertaking. After installing Advanced Module Manager it was all too easy to publish the module only to the photo album component. Awesome job Peter! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!
byMrCCTV, June 14, 2009
Phoca Download
Phoca Download was the first downloading extension I evaluated. All of the extensions I tried worked, and they all had very different features that separate them. Phoca Download was by far the easiest to setup, no tweaking of template files to get a nice clean look that fit the page. I enjoyed the option of direct linking as we have a second domain that is specifically used as a file warehouse. It is also nice that you can either use an icon or a thumbnail with each file entry. I could go on, and on, but the bottom line is there are a lot of good features, and it is very versatile.

The only downside (and extremely minor at that) is creating Phoca Download menu items. The only option you have is listing by section, not category, or file. In all defense there is an article in Phoca forums that covers the reasons why, but I’ve found using external link type is an easy workaround. I can’t stress this is very minor hopefully the experts will figure it out.

Support is good. I had an issue with setting up the forums account and found 2 of my email services (AT&T Yahoo, and are blocking the emails from I ended using a Gmail account and Jan fixed the accounts on the forums board promptly.

There are also other plug-in and modules that add to the functionality.

Jan – This is an awesome product, great job!
byMrCCTV, June 6, 2009
I was looking for a quick and simple way to put a form on our new Joomla web site. Not knowing what to expect I downloaded and installed without looking at any instructions. I fumbled around with the wizard for a few and I had a form on my site doing exactly what I wanted.

The documentation link here is broken, you may want to go directly to the main website until fixed.

The supporting web site is laid out nice, very professional, I could easily find what I was looking for. The FAQ section was very useful, and I enjoyed the tutorials. I even glanced around the Forums which answered another question I had.

The licensing terms are not bad, quite surprisingly inexpensive. You get the full version, no limits, only if you want to remove the Powered By link at the bottom of the page you need to purchase the inexpensive license.

To sum it up, it’s a great product, good supporting documentation, and they offer great support. Thumbs up all around!