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byMr_Anonymous, August 30, 2014
p8pbb bridge
Honestly, this is an amazing phpbb-joomla bridge and has so much features that extends to many important component of Joomla. If you are having phpbb and you are planning to combine it with CMS, then you have to use this bridge - no doubt! The bridge makes the integration so easy and you dont need to edit any codes or edit any files for Joomla nor phpbb! This takes phpbb to a whole new level. It integrates the Joomla users with phpbb users, syncs the groups in phpbb and Joomla, syncs avatars, profiles, etc.., you can also incorporate this bridge to work with Community Builder, JomSocial and EasySocial. It doesnt stop there, the bridge even has settings to send forum notifications to EasySocial system notifications, sync user account both ways, and a whole lot more. To top all of this, the support is simply amazing. The developer added so many of my requests to this bridge without even charging extra to add those features that I had requested. A very dedicated developer and a very powerful bridge. This was my first ever paid extension and I am happy that it is... Its worth every penny you spend on this and I highly recommend this!!
byMr_Anonymous, July 4, 2014
Fields and Filters
A UNIQUE EXTENSION AND EXCELLENT SUPPORT! This is such a great extension with a HUGE potential! I havent found any extension that adds fields and does filter for Joomla Articles. All of them I looked at were for K2 and this extension is like gold if you want fields and filters feature for default Joomla Articles. This extension makes the Joomla Articles so powerful and it will be perfect for those who doesnt want to install a full-blown CCK that can seem bloated. I tested it with Joomla 3.3 and I can confirm that it works really well! And more than anything - THE DEVELOPER'S SUPPORT IS INCREDIBLE! Really! I read a lot of review here where people had mentioned the same thing and all of those great reviews were confirmed when I contacted Tom for support. He is really prompt in replying and most important he genuinely does try to help you out with your questions in a very polite manner. Even many paid extensions doesnt give awesome support like this! A very dedicated developer indeed - no doubt about that! I learnt a lot from his incredible work ethics and dedication. The brief video demo helped a lot too. I liked it since the demo was to the point without carrying on and on, no lame techno music or boring commentary. I replayed it a few times while installing and the video made more sense. Also if you have any doubts, the developer is always reachable (which is more important than anything). Its amazing that this is for free. I really hope that the development of this continues and this goes a far way. I wish Tom the very best! :)