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byMurphz, July 24, 2013
Quiz  Deluxe
I've recently purchased this extension. Really good, have a lot of stuff for quizzes, just one thing scared me. This extension rely only on menu item! What I need is a continuos and automatic manage of quizzes (created by the site admin), maybe a module to display results and so on. This extension need you to create a menu item for quiz category, results, statistic and for single quiz too!!! That is just unacceptable and very poor.

I repeat, extension is good but lacks of automatism because rely in the creation of menu item for each quiz to be displayed.
Owner's reply

Thank you for review. We've got your idea. Guess, you are implying some kind of a dashboard that will allow internal navigation between a number of menu items. Actually, Quiz Deluxe is different from any learning management system that incorporates this feature. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us via helpdesk system and we'd be glad to advise you something that will meet your requirements.
Anyway, we highly appreciate your suggestion and we are thinking of implementing this feature in Learning Path within the Quiz Deluxe extension in the near future.