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byMusiclabel, April 14, 2014
I needed a responsive/mobile audio player for my Record Label's website and for three of my artist's sites for whom I designed personal sites. I purchased this extension but was initially shy about using it due to my limited Joomla! and mp3 tagging skills at the time. After revisiting Commedia some time later, I realized that this extension was by far the perfect tool for the job. Configuring the extension for the sites took a little trial and error for me, especially with my non-existent understanding of jQuery (a simple matter of on or off in the component). Once I got up and going, the extension is remarkably intuitive, considering that two of my sites have over 150 internal audio files. Commedia has worked perfectly on the various mobile devices I have tested it on so far; the play bar moves on all platforms and it always resizes to fit any device perfectly.
I will use Commedia for all my sites that require audio players from now on. I recommend Novices to stick with it and select one of the many free mp3 tagging softwares out there as a supplementary tool.
As a final note: The support from this friendly developer is first rate. I do however, wish to be made more aware of updates and improvements to the extension as they come about.
Highly Recommended.
byMusiclabel, December 9, 2013
Nice Social Bookmark
I use this extension as it is great for mobile, is lightweight and fast. It satisfies my need for non-flash extensions, and has met this requirement handsomely. While the back-end may not be elegant, it certainly gets the job done. As mentioned in an earlier review, a youtube icon would be great. I had to make custom icons for Soundcloud, iTunes and youtube in the custom section of the module. That being said, sizing the image of the custom icon to match the standard icons is a a bit of a nuisance. The images must be uploaded into the media manager and took a little trial and error on my part to make work.
The extension allows for only four custom icons, so I do worry a little that I will run out of slots.
Thank you to the developer for this free, effective, stable and reliable extension.
byMusiclabel, October 29, 2013
JUX Mega Menu
I was suffering from template and menu extension compatibility nightmares with 2 sites I am working on for almost a month! Embarrassing to say the least.
This extension worked out of the box, and no support was needed. This was a massive relief as I am a relative novice.
This is also the first Menu System that I have been satisfied with on mobile devices (which was my primary goal in the first place). My Menu systems work well on all devices despite my incompetences. While I am not and might not ever use the full power of this extension, it is still well worth the money even when used on a simple level as I do.
Thank you to the developer for putting an end to my misery.
byMusiclabel, March 27, 2013
JT Quick Contact Form
The JT quick contact form is the perfect way to put a contact form in any template position. The form can direct messages to any Email address(es) that you input into the module (they needn't be from a user of your site). I find this module is dirt simple to use, quick and flexible for a novice like me. While I can see a myriad of features for the developer to expand upon, the principle and foundation of this extension are sound and has pleased me greatly. I do however, wonder about my site's security with this contact form.
Thank you to the developer for this convenient, attractive little extension.
byMusiclabel, March 13, 2013
ARI Ext Menu
I use ARI EXT menu on a client's site that has over 65 menu items (I am a novice). This extension has streamlined the site with the addition of simple arrows to direct the user to submenus. The appearance of the menu is clean but somewhat clinical. It is rock solid (stable and compatible with the entire site), and the ability to control the fade rate when gliding over menu items is a very nice touch. While multiple font sizes for the menu item text can be set, the inability to adjust the width of the blank space between text and the edge of the menu item creates a limitation for me - this makes the difference between fitting my menu on one line, versus spilling out onto a second line. I wish I could give this extension a 4 1/2 stars because it is near perfect in both its simplicity and appearance on both front end and back end. I highly recommend it, especially since it has been the perfect choice for my client. Thank you to the developer for this great extension.
byMusiclabel, March 13, 2013
I needed an event calendar for my musician's concerts. This extension is like a mini Joomla! within Joomla! Despite its power, iCagenda is dirt simple to use. I love being able to show the location of my concerts on the google map within each event's page/details. This gives my site a very professional look. More importantly, iCagenda works perfectly with the existing positions in my template. At present, this extension is perfectly suited to a novice - the perfect balance of ease of use and power. After combing through many extensions, this is by far the best for my purposes. If iCagenda was strictly commercial, I would happily pay for it. Lastly, the thumbnails with the dates on top of them are fantastic, and iCagenda seems to automatically resize any image I throw at it perfectly.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review!
And .. to tell a little story, at first I develop a simple version of iCagenda for my clients, groups of music... ;-)

byMusiclabel, March 10, 2013
Link Highlighter
I purchased this extension to add some flair to the links in my articles. It is a great concept, however, as a novice to Joomla! I found it too advanced for my skills. It is necessary to add significant code for each link in the html source editor. This is probably easy for most Joomla! developers, but for me it proved too difficult and time consuming. I would however, be the first to buy a more novice oriented version of this extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

But the review you posted here is not true . every module and plugins have their own configuration setting and you need to play with it if you are a newbie or you even dont know how to use a simple plugin then its your fault , that you did not read the documentation well .

byMusiclabel, March 10, 2013
JO Content Scrollpane
I am surprised that there are few extensions like this and that this is the first review. I needed to have a large amount of text on one page, but did not want that page to be long. This plugin was my solution. It is simple to use, but there might be a learning curve for a beginner as many parameters can be configured within the text of each article (if you wish to have a change from the global settings). Text formatting and line breaks can be a bit temperamental, but other than that, this is a great plugin. What impressed me most is that the developer responded to my questions in less than 30 minutes. I am satisfied with this extension as it has improved my site greatly.
byMusiclabel, February 8, 2013
Simple MP3 Player
I am hesitant to be negative about this player as it is a reliable, easy to use, free product. I was using this player as a gallery for my longer mp3's on my record label's site. I found that the player's controls are too small and picky. It would be nice to have the option of larger text and larger controls in the player. When there are only 3 songs in this player, it looks quite barren. I think that this player is more effective on smaller devices instead of laptops and desktops.
Despite this, I still like the product and found it a breeze to work with. It will fit the bill for most, but is too limited for a record label.
byMusiclabel, February 7, 2013
This is a bare bones audio player. I use it on a client's website who has longer articles with multiple mp3 examples throughout. For my purposes, only a small player such as this would work, otherwise the articles would become too bulky. While not very configurable and limited, this player does what it is supposed to - no less and no more. If you need a stable, reliable and easy to use player, this will do nicely. Recommended.
byMusiclabel, February 7, 2013
Morfeo Video
As a beginner to Joomla!, I was experiencing frustrations and a lack of success with two other video gallery extensions (one commercial). Morfeo was the solution to my difficulties. Creating a gallery is as simple as cutting and pasting urls from Youtube into the module. Morfeo didn't conflict with Videobox or any other media extension I am running.
It is a very clean extension on both the front and back end. I don't think you can go wrong with this one as it is idiot proof for people like me. It looks great too!
byMusiclabel, February 7, 2013
Artist Showcase Player
This is the first commercial Joomla Extension that I ever purchased. As a novice, I was able to set up my album gallery for my record label site with ease. The ability to create categories for my multiple CD's really helps with organizing large amounts of mp3 files. For a record label, this extension is the best I could find. As one other reviewer said, the enormous number of colour settings is overwhelming. Other than that, this is the perfect audio gallery and player for a reasonable price.