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byMykl, July 26, 2010
Emails for VirtueMart
Hi VirtueMarters,

The VM Email Manager was good from the start, version 2.0 is even better, and the mail functionality is simply the best around. The Interamind developers - with whom I've been in contact about a multilingual solution - sent me this upgrade that now supports VM language tags. So I had an early opportunity to test this version, compare it to the old one as well as to other extensions that I've tried out.

- Fist, VM is a great product and covers all the ground needed for an online shop, but like a Swiss army knive, it offers the tools you need to survive, but a tool dedicated to a single task is often better for that particular task. VM will get your mails out and that's it.
- Second, because of the lack of configurability to your needs you might consider an extension that lets you design your own mails. There are popular solutions for Joomla, and if you have the time and inclination you can roll your own. Be aware though that integration with VM entails some hacks.
- Third, you may consider a turnkey mail extension in the hope that it'll tie in with VM and will take care of registration mails, order confirmations, and emails on status changes. It's a vain hope. Excellent programs, such as AcyMailing and others of the kind, can take care of your marketing, but not your ordering or registrations.

So if you don't want to accept the VM bare bones or invest a lot of time and effort in designing and coding your own mails, you actually don't have a good alternative to Interamind's VM Email Manager.

Luckily, it's a good extension that works out of the box, but allows you to modify the layout and contents to your needs. A couple of VM files are replaced - the original ones are backed up. You can send test mails to yourself until you got it down pat. When you update or upgrade, not a singe comma is changed in your personalized emails - and w/o having to backup or uninstall your old version. And if you do have a problem, the devs are very responsive and helpful.

Cheers, Mike
byMykl, July 6, 2010
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
The other reviewers have already raved about the features of MooFAQ and the very good service. I can verify that on both counts:
Note that you can use the accordeon effect not only for FAQs, but for any content - a great way of getting the most out of your page real-estate.
As to the service, Douglas helped me to customize two of his modules to fit my style and layout, for instance. You don't find that kind of support often - especially considering the very reasonable price...
Cheers, Mike
byMykl, July 1, 2010
Ajax Contact
I beg to differ in Pinto's assesment below. The Ajax Contact provides all the functionality to be expected of such a module. Besides captachas/math security features, it can also collect relevant user information and returns the last page the user visited. Numerous fields can be added. Moreover, Douglas offers a Contact Enhanced component with very extensive functionality, if needed. All his products are priced very reasonably and he is very forthcoming with assistance. I highly recommend his products.
Cheers, Mike