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byN6REJ, October 1, 2014
I had high hope for this extension but it falls flat on its face!
While it does EASILY create a copy of your live site, ANY changes you make are copied into the live site. For example I removed 3 templates from the live site and they were instantly removed from the sandbox.
removing "sandbox" from the component while it does remove the db entries it does NOT remove the site itself. The whole purpose of a sandbox is to test things BEFORE you put them live. This extension fails that miserably.
Owner's reply

Dear N6REJ,
I did not experienced none of the bugs that you report. You say: . Can you explain me exactly how you "removed" them? You also said . Did you wait for a confirmation message after site deletion?
Thank you.

byN6REJ, August 13, 2014
Images Crawler
Excellent Extension, simple, effective, responsive though slightly jerky on smartphone
byN6REJ, November 15, 2013
JJ Social Slider
Excellent extension.
Does exactly what it should with minimal fuss, yet is easy to make minor style changes too.
byN6REJ, October 22, 2013
Akeeba Release System
I've still got a lot to learn about the special things this extension can do but for the simple parts I use its amazing.

Only reason not 5 stars is I can't look at a individual item and see its graphical behavior like I can for the entire repo.
byN6REJ, August 29, 2013
I've loved this module for years, but now if using a responsive template it breaks the width of the container. Support is not available unless your a paid subscription member
byN6REJ, August 23, 2013
has bugs which created 5mb of error log in just 11days... doesn't display menu images.
6 weeks and still no response on menu images issue and dev recommended we HIDE the php errors, NOT fix the issue... STAY AWAY
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.

Please contact us through our Forums for any technical issue. We offer free support for our extensions.


byN6REJ, May 2, 2013
Simple module that does exactly what it says.
byN6REJ, July 23, 2012
Facebook Article Bar
For its many bells & whistles I give it a 3* but for not being "responsive friendly" I have to hold back awarding any more stars then that. The fixed width of the comment area means it will break mobile devices and responsive templates. Hopefully the developer will fix this soon.
Owner's reply

FB developers also realised realised this, their solution is to automatically detect the browser (desktop or mobile) and render the page accordingly. They also made a new option called User-agent to enable this to be fixed.

Unfortunately as of now, the mobile layout still does not work properly. I still made this new parameter available to be passed to FB from v1.0.19, v1.7.19 (added plugin parameter "User-agent" for comments).

So as soon as FB fixed its bug you can enjoy this new feature.

byN6REJ, July 18, 2012
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JL Cackle
Sadly I was not able to get beyond the install stage as all the parameters are hardcoded in russian via the extension.xml
byN6REJ, February 7, 2012
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PixSearch Ajax Search
This extension is NOT free... requires PAID subscription!!
Owner's reply

The popular PixSearch is FREE and has always been FREE :) We only require you to register on our website to download it. I'm sorry that you missunderstood the information on our website.

We have know made some changes in how the information is presented so hopefully no one else will get confused. Thanks for helping us getting better! /Sarah

byN6REJ, December 17, 2010
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
I can't give a higher compliment then that. It works just as it should within the existing joomla envirornment. No .css tricks needed.. Just plug-n-play.
byN6REJ, December 3, 2010
I'm holding back the 5th start, only cause there will not be foreign editor support ( like JCE ) in this release. rc6 shows so much promise its amazing. The chameleon template is very slick. Support and customer care is amazing, even for free support!
This is the ONLY forum currently supporting conversion from ccboard! wtg guys.
Owner's reply

The reason we aren't supporting other editors is because of the security problems involved in giving public access to things like file uploads, javascript, flash uploads and so on. Doing so would get your site hacked within days if not hours.

No other forum allows external editors (as far as I know anyway), for the same reasons.

byN6REJ, May 17, 2010
RegReminder Lite
Dwayne is VERY quick to respond to issues and solves them very quickly.
This program works simple and very efficiently. I've already seen a large change in my users due to this program.
With each version it just keeps getting better.
5 star's all the way around.
byN6REJ, April 16, 2010
JCH Optimize
That really the only word necessary. When you can go from 1944.52 seconds ( @ 14.4 ) to 155.90 ( @14.4) its a HUGE savings. From 243 http requests to 31!!
Keep up the awesome work.. Recommending it to everyone
byN6REJ, July 9, 2008
Thanks for making my initial idea come to reality. I'm glad you finished what I only started.
Owner's reply

Wonder what your initial idea was?
Mine is to include a user access-right management into the plugin, thus depending on the entered passphrase different access-levels are granted.

byN6REJ, August 28, 2007
This young program is off to an excellent start. I'd like to see full email integration both sending and recieving so that things like Sales Orders can be automatically printed.
Also a simple trouble ticket integration would be good that way things don't have to be duplicated.
All in all an excellent start. Lets not stop here though please!