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byNFG, July 3, 2008
I got into a bad habit of hard coding some things into my templates because I was too lazy to go about creating a proper set of files for a module.

I'd only do that if I wanted to reuse the new code. With Jumi, not only can I be lazy and good at the same time, but it's a perfect place to develop an idea before creating a module to house it.

It's wonderfully flexible. and endlessly useful.
byNFG, February 16, 2008
This component is what I have been looking for.

The coolest things about it are what it does not have.

It does not have a complicated javascript layout editor, and I don't want or need one.

It does not attempt to do everything for you. It does what it says. It processes forms.

It processes forms very nicely too with neatly laid out emails for your client. It's simple, and it doesn't assume that you have never seen HTML before. That means that I can make forms that are standards compliant - my way, and they look the way I want them to. I can id and class elements the way I want it done. Outstanding! I can do my job now.

The best part is that you can add in your own PHP code, painlessly. In most cases I can do this using an include() so I don't have to edit PHP in the browser thankyouverymuch. The only time you can't use an include is in the form HTML itself. ChronoForms needs to see the form fields, but you can still use PHP there.

If you are reasonably knowledgeable about Joomla and PHP this is a time saver for reasonably sized forms-based applications. Nobody wants to write another forms processor. Really, they don't. It's tedious. This will do it for you and let you get on with the more custom features of the site you are building, like what happens before and after the form is submitted.

Even if you only know how to lay out a form in HTML you will find that this does everything needed for forms processing and your design does not need to suffer.

Just write your markup and go. Hooray!

Genius. Thanks. I love it.