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byNSHEEHAN, January 18, 2013
Latest News Enhanced Extended
I've purchased this module to enhance our "What's New" Module. The default options in Joomla are limited, however this module is packed with options that will allow you to create some very creative ways to display your content. It can create Blog style pages using Joomla! loadposition in an article, it can create a news module with background images, calendar tags, lots and lots of great stuff! Can't wait for the update. :)
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for this great review and for being the first in posting one! I really appreciate it.

byNSHEEHAN, September 30, 2012
Event Registration Pro
The product works well when it works. Be aware that it may only work with the default template for the front end and any requests to support to resolve issues beyond the default template will cost you $40 or more per hour to fix. The support through Joomlashowroom is as others have stated very poor. I am frustrated because if this product worked correctly from the front end user interface and allowed registered users with the correct permissions to successfully create and edit an event it would be worthy of 5 stars. As it doesn't I can only give it two/five.
Owner's reply

We did in fact attempt to support this customer but their template of choice was causing conflicts with the javascripts required for features of Reg Pro to work. We explained IN DETAIL that this was the template and not our code causing the issues and that if he wanted us to fix his template code that we would do it at a discounted rate. This custom just did not understand that a template that is coded poorly can cause a lot of issues. He refused to listen to reason and just wanted to blame our product. We have tens of thousands of other happy customers using Reg Pro with all kinds of different templates without issues. We know our code is not buggy and is an extremely stable software and 99% of the time when there is an issue it is usually a poorly scripted template or module that can cause any conflict.