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byNajatuk, August 8, 2012
S5 Reservation
It is possible to customize the fields if you go into the code, but only in one language, which kinds of goes against the ideas of xml compatable programming essential to Joomla 1.6 and above. The extension was created for Joomla 1.5.x and then modified. Hopefully it has the bugs worked out by now. I tried using two instances of the extention in differnt languages; because many travel sites, like all of mine are multilingual. The problem was that that created an endless feedback loop, which it shouldn´t do. The feature that it pulls down from a catagory is great because you can keep building and everythign will already be in the reservations module it is just that you have to be carefull with your photos in html to get the desired effect, and how is that going to be in the new responsive framework I don´t know. The plugin is a great idea and it solves a lot of problems by asking the most basic questions for a reservation to get the customer to submit information. It is a front end system which is perfect for agencies that have to deal with multiple systems on the backend. Agents still do the work, the module just makes it easier for the customer to submit. I hope it has the bugs worked out by now!