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byNaouak, January 17, 2013
The extension seems to do what it is advertising but there is big downsides for me :

code generated is big and when I mean big, I got something like 80% of the generated html that was from this module before loading any javascript. The amount of code it generate make your page sluggish on mobiles, tablets and low-end PC.

Security : The module has a lot of XSS problems due to a lot of non filtered user inputs.

Templating :
The template file is 3600 line long and contains some stuff that shouldn't be in a template like SQL queries.

My Verdict : Not usable

I've looked into fixing some of the issues I've mentioned here and it would require a full rewrite of the module to fix them.
Owner's reply

Hello and Thank you for your review. It is true that in our will to satisfy our customer's feature requests, the module is today far more than a users map. As you mentioned technical specs, it is true that helper and template file are large , but the generated html is strictly according to what you ask for in the settings. Anyway we're currently in the process of rewriting j2.5 and j3 versions to be ready very soon so you'll benefit from these new versions.