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byNathanHawks, October 7, 2013
Expires Headers
First, if anyone's had trouble with the download, it is now fixed.

Second - extension works as expected! I didn't even have to enter an exclusion for my contact form.

Third - extension plays nicely with mod_expires and mod_pagespeed (but probably requires neither of those).

This is the only plugin of its kind and I thank you for it - and for answering emails from a non-customer on a Sunday!
byNathanHawks, October 1, 2013
After testing I found some great and some difficult sides to ContentBuilder. I absolutely recommend it for user-generated content, or any non-critical content workflows. Some suggestions:

- Look into the email templates... It sent raw template code. Using a single field in the subject line, did work - all else was raw template code, including the hide-if stuff.
- A solution for nested / linked data was hoped-for because it would have completed this system. E.g., tags usable in views to include another view.

If I'd found solutions to these two items, I'd be using ContentBuilder for a trouble ticket system. As it stands, I have a long list of medium-priority UGC ideas which ContentBuilder is _perfect_ for, and I'll be watching for updates.

Kudos for having a manual :)