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byNativePages, May 20, 2007
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JCal Pro
I put JCalPro on a church website, a non-profit website, and am about to install it on a news portal for another non-profit to use as a community events calendar. I love the way it installed with ease and it's basically simple to use in it's basic form.

I'd like to see more flexibility in entering recurring date events. In all three instances where I am/will be using it, there are occassions to enter events that happen on the XX weekday of the month (Example - 1st Saturday each month). I can't get it to let me do that, and have to hand enter the event each time.

Integration would be great, too, from a news portal viewpoint. For instance if you're writing an article that has multiple events listed in it, being able to add those events to the calendar without finishing the article THEN going to the JCal component and same way on the JCal end. You're entering an event that inspires an article.

All things considered, though, this is a good extension for just about any application
Owner's reply

The next version will offer, simply put, the most extensive set of recurring event options, as well as recurring event exceptions. We have been using it on the development site for over a rocks :)

byNativePages, May 20, 2007
I read the other reviews on ChronoForms and chose this one based on them. It installed without problem. I would say it probably works fine. Unfortunately, I have very little skill in designing and writing forms, and there is no guidance for "newbies." Since Joomla is so readily available through Fantastico (I learned about joomla by exploring the fantastico button on my cPanel) and since "citizen journalism" is a growing trend, I would say there are more newbies out here today than ever. We need something easier to operate.