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byNativeRadio, April 22, 2014
JUX Weather Forecast
After spending hours looking for a decent weather widget for a client website I found yours.

Purchased, installed, and configured this in 60 seconds and was blown away.

It's beautiful and elegant, and so very cool!

Forget any other weather widget as I tried them all. This is now a permanent member of my Joomla toolbox! Thank you for such a beautiful piece of coding!
byNativeRadio, December 16, 2013
Event Gallery
Event Gallery is singularly the best responsive photo gallery out there. I say this as a website developer with 19 years as a full-time webmaster. I have tried "every" responsive photo gallery in the JED and this one works, out of the box each and every install, and does so with style! Sven is amazingly prompt in answering questions and has a very cool sense of humor. Either the free or paid versions are truly exceptional. Do yourself a favor and skip the free one and jump right into the pro version, as it will be one of your better Joomla extension buys! It is part of my Joomla "toolbox" and it should be in yours too!
byNativeRadio, October 21, 2013
JU Content Slider
I struggled for 4 days trying to replace my templates default home page article showcase. My client runs and animal sanctuary and they don't have a lot of time to work the website. The home page article showcase is also critically important to helping these animals find homes.
Then I remembered how great JU Tabs was and felt very comfortable with the quality of the developers other extension. This would be a small price for something that had caused me headaches for days. I really hoped I had finally found a solution.
Purchased, installed and working out of the box in 5 minutes!
So very refreshing to find exceptionally good extensions that just nail it. If you need to creatively highlight anything on your home page then buy this. You will be very pleased you did!
byNativeRadio, October 16, 2013
I have tried K2 several times over the years and never, I repeat, never had any luck with it. JoomlaXTC likes to use it in their templates, which are some of the most beautiful, but their continued use of your extension will drive me away.

K2 is so problematic that I am constantly looking for alternatives as you have to jump through hoops every time. very difficult to modify or even to get K2 to work correctly is a nightmare.

Their support is responsive, but very rarely do they offer a solution to fix problems. They constantly blame the template developer or some "other K2 extension" is causing the problem. From now on I will gut K2 and use the default Joomla Article creation system as K2 is nothing more than a major watse of time, money and resources.
Owner's reply

Couldn't agree more with you! It's really a matter of taste to take the ship to travel from the US to Europe instead of the airplane. Or take a horse to go to work instead of a car. I think you get my point.

byNativeRadio, September 20, 2013
JU Tabs
This is truly one of the better extensions for Joomla! and with out a doubt, should be a core addition.

Vinh has written an amazingly good extension that provides every feature you will ever need in a tab system. Multiple layouts, left, right, top bottom tabs, unlimited nested tabs, pull anything - articles-categories-modules- you name it and JU Tabs does it.

This system is so functional, easy to use, and fun that I find myself coming up with ideas and ways to use it.

When I needed custom code to do something, Vinh answered my email in 5 minutes (literally) with two options and perfect code to use. I copied it and it worked flawlessly the first time.

Amazing support, amazing product. What more can I say other than buy it! You will be delighted..
byNativeRadio, August 26, 2013
This is an excellent extension BUT it does not, and will not work in Internet Explorer 90% of the time. For me it has never worked in a RocketTheme or JoomlaXTC template. The developer has said it's a missing closed DIV tag but I have tried it on 6 different templates and it fails every time in IE.

It does however work flawlessly in Chrome and enough so, that I use it even though it never works in IE.

This would be a resounding 5 stars if the developer would, after over a year of trying, get it to work properly in IE!
byNativeRadio, September 17, 2012
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ARI Data Tables
My needs were simple (smile), a 100,000 record CSV file that I needed to build a website around, using the coolest paginated display, that was able to match my style sheets, had graph capabilities, could use server-side pagination to provide instant response & fast loads, was extremely easy for a novice to program (that would be me), and had some of the finest support, support that was so good you actually felt that had team members with you, and had a ridiculously low price for a world-class extension.

This is the only option.. Run to place this, and any other ARI Soft extension into your cart! You will be glad you did. Thank you ARI Soft, you are amazing...
byNativeRadio, January 24, 2012
I purchased the Pro Upgrade and really wished I had purchased a different & better video player. If you look over his forum you will see that most people have problems with this extension, and most times it takes this guy at least a week to respond.

The extension will install properly but will not work. There appear to be way to many CSS conflicts, as the developer seems to have to deal with many of his clients to get it to work.

In my case the extension installed, videos loaded great but will not open in a lightbox. It goes to a page to display the video with no navigation. You have to hit the back button to get back to the website.

If I had a week to wait for the developer to get back to me to explain how to fix several problems that are not working, then I might have stayed with it.

Instead I'm back to the drawing board looking for a good non-flash video player. Unfortunately this is not it! Save your money, get a different app.
Owner's reply

We are sorry that you had problems with our component. What you refer to as css conflicts are, in fact, javascript conflicts, which are inevitable due to different javascript environments that might be in use on your site. Nevertheless, we try our best to help our users solve such conflicts.
Secondly, as a rule, we respond to every single query posted on our forum, usually within 48 hours. When we anticipate delays in responding, we also post a notice to that effect on our forum.
Finally, we always advise our users to make sure that the standard version is working flawlessly before upgrading to the pro version. We can't emphasize enough that if the standard version doesn't work, the pro version will not work.
Finally, you are always entitled to a full refund.

byNativeRadio, November 23, 2011
RocketTheme has created a fabulous bridge to Ecwid in their Mercado template. These two systems are redefining shopping carts!

IMHO Ecwid is simply the finest shopping cart out there. It is made by the same team that created X-cart, which I have used for 7 years.

Set up an account, add your products, copy and paste some widget code into your pages and your carts live!

Your store on your website can also be embedded into your Facebook page. Ecwid is a Software as a Service meaning you log into their website to control your website store AND your Facebook store from the same system. It's free up to 100 products.

I have used just about every shopping cart out there including all the Joomla carts like VirtueMart, etc. If you build websites or are simply looking for a great way to sell products on your website and or Facebook page, then look into Ecwid.
byNativeRadio, December 3, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
I started to look for a replacement to the default Joomla Contact system. After looking at most of the best I chose Contact Enhancement. This was a great decision in several ways.

1. The component installed flawlessly AND installed and activated several plugins at the same time.

2. The documentation (which includes a video for each and every part) was letter perfect and technically on-point.

3. It gives you everything you need to create the absolute best looking contact page including; customizable templates, field creation, text or HTML messages, auto responders, thank you pages, automatic Feedback system, and so much more.

4. When my security settings were blocking the feedback system, Douglas responded and showed me where my problem was (which was my issue not the component). Amazingly he responded in less than 10 minutes to my post! (You rock Douglas)

Bottom line is: If you wish to create a Contact page that will do everything & anything you want, then buy this extension!

Thank you again Douglas for "raising the bar" in every way....