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byNeaKurt, March 27, 2013
BreezingForms is one of my most popular extensions for Joomla. It was in J1.5 and luckily also in J2.5. The conversion from J1.5 to J2.5 of your forms goes seamless.

In earlier reviews already enough has been said about the huge possibilities without writing any code. In addition, I would like to remark that with coding the possibilities are even bigger. First of all, you can code your own specific validations beyond the range of standard validations already provided. A special in-company registration number? Some country zip-code? All possible. The huge forum provides you with all information required.
Personally I only have limited programming skills but was surprised what’s possible.

Further you can add code, both php and javascript, to enhance functionality. For example I made forms were fields were pre-filled from a database or were special calculations were made, based on input fields. I used Jumi to add this code to a page.
Last it support a lot of detailed css-classes, so you can set-up any theme or design you desire.

I found one drawback, BreezingForms does not support Joomla 2.5 multi-language functionality. Of course you can copy your form and translate it, but that I don’t like due to the increasing maintenance of complex forms.
byNeaKurt, February 3, 2013
I became interested in Josetta due to its capability to transfer Joomla 1.5 Multi-language content, produced by JoomFish, to Joomla 2.5. I have already a lot of experiences in transferring Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 with help of Jupgrade, but until so far that were single-language sites only. Jupgrade does not convert JoomFish content.

Josetta does what it promise, only I found out that’s not enough. It transferred my site (250 articles, 9 complex menu’s) without any remark.

However, after importing I noticed some unexpected result: First of all there is a big difference in approach between JoomFish and the multi-language capability of Joomla 2.5. JoomFish keeps only track of differences, true translated parts, while Joomla 2.5 needs a complete language structure. I found out, this is especially valid for menus. Fox example in my Dutch / English-website I use the same words for example for ‘Home’ and ‘ Contact’ in the main menu. Because they are not translated in JoomFish those items are not transferred either by Josetta in the UK-part. Unfortunately I have a lot of these non-translated items.
Secondly I found out the menus are flatted, e.g. all menu and submenu items are at the same level. Of course you can re-work this, but while I have some complex menus, with a lot of sub-items, this is quite some work.

Unfortunately, although never suggested by Josetta to be clear, it doesn’t import/convert modules. I use them a lot, for example with a picture of a catalogue and a link to request a copy, including a scheme were they have to show-up at what article. Re-building them again by hand is a lot of work.
Jupgrade does converts modules (and all other stuff) and luckily you can combine Jupgrade and Josetta. You upgrade first with help of Jupgrade, and use Josetta to import the menus, categories and articles. Because Josetta simply adds them to your (upgraded) site, it’s wise to delete the original upgraded items, by Jupgrade, first. In my case I ended with some partly translated menu’s, see above, but all articles. Due to the new menus added by Josetta, I lost complete the link with all upgraded modules, e.g. which module had to show-up at what article. So that was for me not the best solution possible.

Finally I decided to add, directly in the SQL-tables, the translated articles to the upgraded site by Jupgrade. Via SQL I also duplicated the menus for the UK-translation. That, of course, request some knowledge of SQL and the database tables.

Please note I don’t use Josetta’s translation management functionality.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review, it's pretty fair that you acknowledge the fact you haven't used Josetta for what it's been designed for, assisting in creating multilingual content. The Joomfish importer is an additional, no-cost, tool that was added to help users transitionning, when possible, from Joomfish.
That's why it only transfers sections, categories, articles, menus and menu items (it says so in clear on the front-page where you start the import wizard).

We've tried to accomodate as much as possible the difference in concept between Joomfish and Joomla multilingual, but as you pointed out, it's not always possible. When that happens, only a user can manually fix or simply do things.

I do hope that you will start using Josetta for what it is though ;)