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byNeil1, September 19, 2012
Partilhator for Mosets Tree
This plugin is ok and does added some good social features to your mosets directory. However like with all extensions from this developer they do not always work when installed (3 out of 5 sites I installed this on do not work) and the support this company provides is the rudest and most un-professional I have EVER Encountered! Shame as mosets is a top extension!
byNeil1, September 1, 2012
Art Adminer
An excellent add on that makes admin of SQL database a real on the fly breeze. Highly recommended
byNeil1, September 1, 2012
Dinamod Tab Modules
A really excellent module that solves allot of possible problems as well as allowing many options that are not available with just use of one module.
The best things in life come free...Very true with this!

Thanks guys, excellent piece of work!
byNeil1, September 1, 2012
Wall for Mosets Tree
A fantastic slide show with many ways to use it that result in an unlimited amount of possible styles and configurations.
The module installed no problems at all on every site I have used this on. I did have one small problem with the image over not displaying properly for my custom configuration in IE, however put in a support ticket and it was fixed for me within 3 hours! Excellent all round and the support is fantastic to.
byNeil1, September 1, 2012
SEO Boss Pro
The idea of this component is a good idea and now it integrates with parts of Mossets tree etc it is even better.
Problems are: Even know I have paid for the Pro verions, there seems to no support available what so ever, just a forum to post on that never seems to get answered and the forum is highjacked by spammers!
I could not install this on a site that I had previously tested the free version on and I still cant install it as no support is being given to me and my forum posts not being answered.
Other draw back is it does not control all mossets pages as it would suggest it does, only index page and listings are available. Things like the search results that produce duplicate meta content can not be controlled, so I would say it is only part integrated with Mossets and not fully as the sales pitch would suggest.
It is ok for basic SEO control as long as you do not run in to a problem, because if you do it looks like your on your own!
byNeil1, February 26, 2012
This module would be bad if it was free, its a pure cheek they actually charge for it! The tables are very limited and don't carry through a set styling! It looks all pretty in the demo, but add your own info to the tables and its all over the place, columns heights that don't stay equal and then it has a habit of dumping all the info you have put in it! Links that wont disappear from the font end, even when removed in the back end! I did submit a support request after 5 hours of trying to over come the issues with this module... I am still waiting for the reply months later! Don't waste you money, html tables may not look as good, but at least they do what they should do!
byNeil1, February 26, 2012
Mosets Tree Reviews
I run mossets tree on a very large number of websites at the moment and wanted to be able to show the latest reviews on the home page of these sites, so this module was obviously the simple solution. I purchased it for the very reasonable sum of £8 and it installed without a problem on all sites (Joomla 1.7 and 2.5) and is as easy to configure as abc!
Its a great module in its own right but I wanted a few simple modifications to the module, emailed the Developer and responded in less than an hour on a Sunday! Offered to do the mods for a very reasonable fee yet again, thanks! Can fault this and its an excellent add on for any websites ran on Mossets!
byNeil1, February 21, 2012
Top Panel Slider
This is an excellent product that really helps to add flexibility to pages where its not always simple to add the modules that you require. I wanted to run modules on pages where I have Mossets tree running and it not always simple to add them to a listings page - so this was the perfect solution! Easy to install and to configure this module! I had a slight problem with the J-query loading twice on the mossets listings pages and stopping the images in the listings from popping up - However I sent an email about this, supplied temp FTP access details and the Developers fixed the problem in no time! Excellent product and the support is fantastic as well! Thanks guys!
byNeil1, February 19, 2012
An excellent extension to manage registration forms and users. Integrates perfectly in to other extensions and if you need any form of custom fields on your registration forms, then this is the extension of choice by far! Keep up the good work folk!
byNeil1, February 19, 2012
Akeeba Backup
I use the commercial pro version of this extension and it is a faultless product that I use on a daily basis without a single problem! Perfect backups and perfect site transfers every time! Can't fault it!
byNeil1, February 19, 2012
Lightbox Content Popup
I was looking for a pop up that worked in a particular fashion (not in a hidden div etc)- so exchange some emails with the company, which where answered very quickly and in the most helpful of manners! So I purchased the product and now use it on all my Joomla websites (over 200!). I had a couple minor issues with the popup not working on pages where other extensions where installed - I submitted a support ticket and the fastest response ever! The problem was fixed in less than 10 minutes of me raising the ticket and they supplied me with the new file so I could use it on my other sites as well! I looked in to many popup modules, but this one is by far the best on paper and in reality is doesnt fail to impress either! Thanks Guys!
byNeil1, February 19, 2012
I use X-map on all my joomla websites (in excess of 200 currently!) and I can fault it in the slightest - not had one problem or glitch with it at all.
byNeil1, February 19, 2012
Really makes adding scripts to your Joomla pages as simple as copy and paste! A real must have product that will install scripts any where you need them, saves many headaches and code hacks for sure!
byNeil1, February 19, 2012
Modules Anywhere
This is a real must have product and one that integrates perfectly! Really cant fault this product and it really does make life just that little bit more simple for you! I use it on over 100 sites now as matter of cause! Thanks!
byNeil1, February 19, 2012
Mosets Tree
After exchanging many emails with Lee (The developer) to confirm what I needed Mossets to do was possible - I brought it and now run many websites with it. It is a faultless product and both the pre-sales and after sales support is simply fantastic! The level of customisation available with mossets tree is beyound comprehension and its a very simple process to change CSS or text strings. This is a far superior product to any of the other out there and the support equals the product! Thanks Lee!