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byNelmedia, January 20, 2011
Simple Email Form
Good extension. Works well for what it does (and it's price ;))

The only features that I would like added to give it a 5 stars are:
- Possibility to set an object (done) AND make it read only (I use this to enable users to upload and send their resume, and I don't want them to change the object); even better would be to not show the object (but still send it with the email);
- It's a module but it's too big to be in a sidebar (correct); but, I didn't find how to link to it from the menu... There's no "module" menu (and it didn't have one), so I needed to create an empty article, link to it and say that the module only appears in this page; drawback: I have an empty section underneath the form...
- Of course, being able to really create a form (now we are limited to 5 text inputs and 1 text area) would be great... and to add some text to the body of the message (i.e. now, since I don't need any field other than the email and the file attached, I didn't show any custom field, so it sends me an empty message with an attached file. It would be nice to be able to add text to the email without having to have the user enter it (i.e. text area)).

But then again, it would be nice... I know how long it can be to create things and not a priority when we don't get paid for it...