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byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
This module is good
Although I found a bug that no-one on the forum has raised and I can't raise because I can't figure out which button means new topic in German, it is still good.
The problem I found is when I'm on the component all my links in my site become a few pixels bigger, don't know what is wrong

As for the people that are saying they can't get it into US, you can, you can just see in the forum. I have written answers to many of the problems. You just need to look through all the forum or search for your problem
byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
It's easy to use, except when I was putting one of the Jumi articles into the module, didn't know how to do it, but after seeking support I got the answer
byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
I believe this component should be one of the core components in joomla, this is a very useful tool and is easy to use
byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
This gallery is useful to split up your images into different groups, the lightbox feature and slideshow also very nice
The one down on the component which also is good in some cases, is the amount configuration
byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
This is the best component around
You can create forms that will send to a nominated email address, extremely useful and a must have if you want a contact us page
byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
Akeeba Backup
This is useful to copy a site over from 1 address to another and I would recommend it to everyone, a must have for backing up
byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
Community Builder
Extremely Useful for having a profile
Couldn't quite get the blog section working so I also used in my site, but this is most likely because I haven't done something right and I also didn't go to their support, so sorry if there is help
byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
This was a great online e-commerce much better than others and useful for all types of businesses
byNetReach_Luke, January 6, 2009
Extremely useful for linking articles and putting in images.
Would recommend to anyone to use it rather than Joomla's default or any other.