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byNevando, October 6, 2011
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mavik Thumbnails
I installed it, tried to use it as it was written here but it didn't work as it should. Than I checked for something like a manual, website of the developer or the demo site. Well, long story short... couldn't find anything. Nothing like a "how to do". Just uninstalled it again.
byNevando, June 6, 2011
Community Builder
I tried to implement CB a few times in my site as I wanted to improve the user profiles and additional functions. I mean lets face it the profiles provided by joomla itself are more or less useless. Unfortunately I had to learn quite quickly that CB was not as easy to deal with as one might think. First of all finding all the components and extensions seperately was kind of chaotic but not realy an issue. More of an issue was the website of the provider. At times it took me quite a while to find the stuf I was looking for and than very often only to find out that the specific component/extension (whatever) was not free of charge. Don't get me wrong guys, I think CB is not bad at all, and I don't have a problem with the fact that not all of it is free, but for someone like me it is very often a pain. I finally dropped it. Which was another problem, getting rid of the entire thing. So from my perspective (and I stress MY PERSPECTIVE) CB might be a great extension but dealing with it is simply too messy.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and vote on our website (as you said, you didn't review the extension in here).

We're a bit surprised by your review and wonder if you are viewing our new website, which is completely redone since begin of this year, or another website: just in case:

Website of Community Builder:

Regarding uninstalling CB: Uninstalling Community Builder is just a matter of uninstalling the component and the modules you installed. Nothing more required, as CB and CB Team plugins are cleanly implemented, not modifying any joomla tables nor any joomla files or directories. So here again we wonder if you are reviewing CB or something else.

You are really welcome to post to our forums on suggestions for improvements in our website in case something wasn't clear for you. It will be much more useful than here.

byNevando, June 5, 2011
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Well I used xmap for quite a while but since I installed Joomla 1.6.3 it is not working anymore. I downloaded the latest version of xmap available but although it installed componens successfully, the program wasn't able to "(Error) building Admin Menus". Right now it looks quite useless to me. Hopefully that will change again.
byNevando, February 3, 2011
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Phoca GAE
I recently switched from Joomla 1.5.22 to 1.6 and had to notice that whatever I tried to integrate my Adsense Code into the page, the Code didn't show up on the site using the user content modul (or however you call that damn thing in the English verison). No matter which editor or even no editor I used. So I was looking for any extension that would help me out on this. I first tried another one of these Google Adsense Extensions... I won't mention the name, but will tell you the thing was a mess, although it was marked as popular.

However, all I was looking for was a modul where I can put my Adsense Code, chose the position I would like it to be placed on the site, safe it and done. And finaly it looks like I found exactly that.

Thanks guys.