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byNewMomsNearby, August 27, 2010
I've installed several extensions. There were a couple however that just would not appear on my site. They were invisible ghosts I guess. I used ModHTML to install them and it worked perfectly, on to different extensions that previously didn't work. It's the best!
byNewMomsNearby, August 1, 2010
I've always gotten angry with reviewers who seem to be professional web designers pretending to be amateurs and saying how easy plugins are to install when they can be extremely difficult to the average joe like me. However, for the 1st time i finally bought a plugin that is fool proof to install: latestweets. And when i didn't realize you are not supposed to hit the space bar in between commas and twitter usernames, i emailed Sahu and he emailed me right back with the solution. Excellent support. I'm happy & i love it.
byNewMomsNearby, July 16, 2010
KA Facebook Like and Share
I bought this plugin 36 hours ago and after following all the instructions, the Share button worked immediately but I was getting an error on the front-end when hitting the Like button. After contacting khawaib, he informed me that at the same time I was buying his plugin, he was uploading a Newer version to his site. So he gave me the newer version (and since I'm not a techy he went into the back end and installed it for me). It works great, looks fancy, and i LOVE this plugin. Great addition to my site.