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byNibblers, April 18, 2013
Jtag Calendar
I recently (April 2013) installed this extension on a business website and as usual the install was flawless.

As ever the calendar loaded quickly and looked great. Setting up this component and the module is very easy but don't think this means the functionality or style is basic because it isn't. There are plenty of options but the layout is highly intuitive.

Although an experienced Joomla installer with many years experience setting up commercial websites I found that I needed a little support with a frustrating front end problem and posted in the forum. Obviously you expect anything from cryptic clues to code edits and a bit of a wait. Not with JTAG support - within 12 hours one of their team had replied but rather than expecting me to fix the problem they logged onto my site fixed the front end issue and another they noticed in the back end to boot! This is by far the best support I've ever had the pleasure to receive.

Highly recommended and a must have for most websites.
byNibblers, July 30, 2009
Include Component
Nice and simple way to embed a component into an article.

No problems installing or using the plugin after a) I got my head around finding the Component URL with SEO turned on! B) Learning how to include left and right menus when you click the any of the links in the embeded component.

Nice work, thank you!
byNibblers, July 29, 2009
A must have. Simple to install and easy to use - as long as you remember to publish the agent on ALL pages! Don't worry you can set the image size to 1px/1px and place the mod in the footer.

Delivers a fantastic array of live and interesting information about the behaviour of visitors and users of your site.

Great work! - I'll be pleased to make a donation