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byNicMason, June 27, 2011
MediaWiki Login
Brilliant extension! As another user has said, it's an essential part of my "holy grail" for building community websites.

PS: Is it compatible with MediaWiki 1.17.x?
byNicMason, May 24, 2009
Component Content Control
Excellent work! This is exactly what I needed to restrict EventList event details to registered users only.
byNicMason, November 13, 2007
RSS Browser
Love this extension! Works perfectly! And it's the best idea I've seen for user retention with RSS on Joomla, too. I'm greatly looking forward to it's future development. Many thanks to developer Horst Lindlbauer and !!! :D

Ideas for future versions:
+ Ability to set different options for each feed separately (eg: Turn on/off each feed image and/or title for each feed separately, as some RSS feeds have images that are too large and/or meaningless titles.)
+ Ability to replace each feed title and/or image with more appropriate images and meaningful titles.
+ CSS templates.
+ Template to manage several feeds within a small area (perhaps using tabs.)

Regards, NicMason