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byNickArts, February 13, 2009
Very Simple Image Gallery
The new version saved my day! I used the VSIG for a while on my own site, where I do the file management through an FTP client. But I installed it on someone else's page an ran into the permissions problem, because they do everything through the Joomla Media Manager.

After trying to make work-arounds for 4 hours, I found out that this problem was allready fixed by the creator by request on the post below. (Joomla should get an update notification feature :-)

I like this plug-in because it is no-nonsense, light and very easy to visually tweak through CSS. The FTP layer is an incredible improvement.

I do have one feature-request:

It would be very nice to have an editor button to insert the code. So n00b-users can easily select the right folder in images/stories. Even cooler (and quicker) would be to also manage the file upload through that button. So users can choose an existing folder or upload images to a new one.