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byNick_iFactory, June 3, 2013
We've used this for upgrading tons of sites. It still requires a dev to go over 3rd party components and our custom templates but this has been an invaluable tool in upgrading.
byNick_iFactory, March 28, 2013
System - Nomad
Had a little trouble at first. Turned out I hadn't set my login module to redirect to home page. Once it was set properly it all worked fine. Was a handy replacement and improvement for a module that did this in 1.5.
byNick_iFactory, January 25, 2013
We upgraded a site 1.5 to 2.5 and completely changed the menu layout and navigation. This made the massive headache of dozens of all the old sites links so much easier and helped with a custom 404 page to boot.

Definitely will use again.