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Nigel Aves

byNigel Aves, March 31, 2009
Community Builder
I spent a week assessing a number of other community software builders. I decided to give "Community Builder" a try and have not looked back nor regretted my decision.

The software has good logical layout for the backend and is extremely easy to setup. It's well worth purchasing the "Documentation" package not only for the well written User Guide but also the access to powerful extra plugins.

As an administrator you can set the display options for the plugins to make it look similar to a Facebook account or have everything under "tabs". I personally prefer the tabs approach as it keeps the profile page nice and clean.

My only negative is that the forum / calender being supported both need to run in "legacy" mode but that said I have seen no issues turning legacy mode on and the forum software (Fireboard) integrates perfectly. (I did ask about this and the issue is being addressed, hopefully soon I'll be able to go back to pure native mode).

So, in short, this package has everything you need to build a community. The forums are active and my questions where answered incredibly promptly.
byNigel Aves, January 6, 2009
I read some of the reviews but decided to push ahead anyways. Yuri is 100% correct. 20 minutes and fully operational.

There is a lot to do in the plugin and Yuri's English might not be perfect (let's be honest here, my Russian is no where close to his English) but the How To document supplied gives all the information you need and is easy to follow.

Great Job Yuri ....

Nigel Aves.
Owner's reply

Thank you for paying attention to the yvComment's documentation. I'm proud that you liked it, and I'm glad to announce that English language of this documentation became _much_ better now: I've got a help from the volunteer native speaker of English, who already made text proofing of almost the whole document.
Welcome to the yvComment's Documentation page and enjoy reading :-)