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byNikijacob, March 31, 2012
Im not sure why everyone says its hard to do, yes the instructions seem overwhelming at first, but its because he covered everything possible. I read maybe the first line of a couple of sections and I was up and really didnt even need that, the plugin is self explanitory, what helped was the first bit about the make a comment section. Which is what I was looking for. Excellent, small component, plugin! Thank you
byNikijacob, July 9, 2011
Ive been playing with it for about 2 days now, I took out all reference to EURO, and replaced with USD. And still on the front page have prices showing EUR next to them. So I am confused. It looks like a nice and easy cart, but support from what i hear is horrible. Plus I wish i could read the site in English too, maybe I would understand what to do more. I like it so I cannot say anything bad, just confused because its in another language.
I bought this for $250 and just found out its $99. So I am upset I paid so much and wondering why they dropped the price so much. But I like a lot of features and some I dont. The support ticket systems does not allow you to have anyone send tickets; so dissapointed there. Coming from NBill, the invoicing is not adequate as it send emails out constantly, so you do have to shut things off and customize the templates. You must be logged in to pay unlike NBill and you cannot simply add things or change hourly rates. Time Tracker is confusing as the invoicing is separate, good but not. There is a discussion board, I like. And of course the project management system I like too. I would like to be able to see more done; especially in the 6 months I have support for since updates are free. I was using NBill for invoicing and RS Tickets Pro for support. So I am upset the support tickets are useless for anyone other then a registered user and invoicing is useless for right now until I try to customize it more for everything, not just certain things. The calendar feature is good; but it doesnt remind on a day unless it tells everyone attached to it. So i still also use Outlook for remembering daily things. For $250 I was hoping it did everything and of course you cannot get your money back. I like it still because it is a all in one and support is terrific so I think they will make this a great product one day.
byNikijacob, January 6, 2011
Alexandria Book Library
Everything is seperate - it took me 10 minutes to add one book. If you want a good and ONLY one on joomla Media Component use Media Pro
byNikijacob, December 15, 2010
JCK Editor
I had issues after using JCE for over 4 yrs. And JCK fixed them by just switching to their editor. NICE!!! Only thing I see lacking is the JLink doesnt really work. I tried several times using the right first couple of letters and it never once found the article. JCE has a nice one where it lists the articles under each MENU,CATEGORY, etc. Other than that it works and fixed what I needed. Thinking of buying the PRO since its much cheaper then JCE.
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Thanks (o:b

byNikijacob, October 8, 2010
Ozio Gallery
I love this component.. its awesome.. But it says there is a Module.. I didnt see it install and dont see it on the site. If the owner reads this can you send me the link and please try to make your site English too. I read some Italian but I struggle. Keep up the good work! -Italian, NJ
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use "Plugin In Module": more info:,105200.msg487355.html#msg487355

byNikijacob, August 7, 2009
this is the most useless shopping cart ever.. you cant add categories, even though it says you can.. u cant add HTMl descriptions, matter of fact the name of the item-is apparently the description. It has four choices in the main control panel. thats it. It does nothing. if u have 2 products...i still wouldnt buy this. I only have 9 and Im going with Virtue Mart just because I can add stuff without beng confused or dissapointed easily...even if I dont need everything for just 9 products.
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Apparently you have missed the point, everywhere. SimpleCaddy is free, no need to buy it. Your descriptions are in your content, not in the product names. Four choices in the main control panel are currently more than enough for what the component does, more are being added for extended features. If it does nothing, then I suppose you haven't taken a look at it more closely than installing, looking and discarding it. If you are happy with Virtuemart, by all means! Although your previous comment on Virtuemart makes me wonder...
Your comment of December, 17, 2008 on Virtuemart :
I have been trying to use this on several sites for weeks now and everytime I manual install or automatic all's I get after installing everything is a blankwebsite and the backend the component is blank as well.

I'm not sure how it made Editors Pick. If you check out the forum they never answer anyone's support question

Let me state that VirtueMart is also an excellent product, but not for the same users/public as SimpleCaddy.

byNikijacob, May 13, 2009
I am very shocked that Joomla does not ahve a good donwload component, there is something wrong with everyone. This one works the best for me - but..again I say but. I need to upload alot of files to transfer from DOCMAN. The ADD FILES ALREADY ON SERVER does not adds nothing or only adds the folders and not the PDFs
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Thank you for the grudging praise. But the central comment here is simply wrong. I have just used "Add Files Already on Server" to add all the .jpg files from the Joomla /images directory structure. The results are visible in "Selected Images" folder at The operation ran flawlessly, using the current release of Remository, and took a few seconds. There is an extensive FAQ on this topic at I hope you will consider revising your review.

byNikijacob, March 27, 2009
Ohh my god, I needed something fast, quick does and says everything I need. Its awesome. It does so much more then the others I dont know why this isnt higher up on the list.
byNikijacob, March 13, 2009
Phoca Download
I love the phoca products and am starting to switch over to them. But for the download manager, the one thing that keeps me with Docman is the fact that you can multiple add files with another components. You can add multiple files with Phoca Gallery, why cant we get that for the Phoca Download. Otherwise...Id switch.

PS you can only link to Sections, not categories.
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"You can add multiple files with Phoca Gallery, why cant we get that for the Phoca Download"

- This is a time issue, as I wrote here many times :-(, I do all the extensions and all the user guides in my freetime and I give help and answer all the questions in forum and per e-mail in my freetime too. I am not able to produce all the features at once :-( ... Phoca Extensions need help (e.g. answering posts in the forum will be very appreciated).

"PS you can only link to Sections, not categories" ... this is the Itemid issue. See Phoca Forum ( ) and Phoca Documentation site ( ) to get answer about this issue. Creating menu links to other Phoca Download parts is very easy (e.g. to Categories, Files) but what is not easy, is to coordinate Itemids of these created menu links if users are using SEF in Joomla! because links rendered in every Joomla! component get no information about which Itemid they should use. So if there is a link in some component, the link has no information about the Itemid (and in fact it cannot get it from database too, becasue there can be more entries, etc, e.g.)

byNikijacob, December 17, 2008
I have been trying to use this on several sites for weeks now and everytime I manual install or automatic all's I get after installing everything is a blankwebsite and the backend the component is blank as well.

I'm not sure how it made Editors Pick. If you check out the forum they never answer anyone's support question.
byNikijacob, December 5, 2007
I love this tool! The only thing is I didnt like the way the ads looked, all the text was centered. I did alot of modification to the look of it.

Suggestions: I had to rework the module and the component to not show the Category (should be a on/off feature). Category Images (on/off feature) as well. And when I tried to add more fields to a ad, only 2 showed, no more. Also You should be able to configure the ads more.. I had to change all of mine to be left aligned.

But what I love is the ease to work with it. And it does move smoothly. And its easy to modify. What I am afraid of it when it comes time to upgrade I have alot of changes.
byNikijacob, November 12, 2007
It works great but what i dont like is the code shows in some of my articles. Which is weird, because it doesnt all of the time.

Example:2005 House of Charity - Bishops Annual Appeal Video Watch the 2005 House of Charity - Bishops Annual Appeal Video -4369978946334751695

But it works fine, It just looks stupid. Any suggestions on how to make it not show up. Exact code on all pages, just some show up and some dont.