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byNjjacob, August 14, 2014
It worked right out of the box-perfect. But then you go checking if all pictures can load-and maybe two do and them you get errors stating to check back later. REALLY!~ Tell my clients to see the pictures later.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review and your commentary.

I'm sorry but I do not fully understand the problem you are describing. Please contact me via my webpage and perhaps I will be able to help you.

byNjjacob, October 10, 2013
Sobipro Radius Search Application
why do i have to put code in myself, you can put in 3 different places and yet it doesnt work. way too confusing to set up. Customer Support is excellent as they do answer you but its been too much of a pain for this amount of money.
Owner's reply

We cannot be responsible about the template system of Sobipro. You probably just not understand how it work.
There is many help and documentation on the sobipro site and samples of integration on our own site under the tutorial.
Also you write there is 3 places to put the plugin code, but there is many more place. This depends to your template and we cannot control this.
Each user's plugin can be different and our documentation explain how to include the plugin code in a general way.

Joom Donation
I think the component is wonderful, but do not use it with I haven't been able to get it to work in three weeks. The guy just gives me the run around. He doesn't even read the email fully. Useless customer service and looking for a new extension. Waste of money if you need it for anything other than PayPal.
Owner's reply

Hi Jacob

First of all, I can confirm that Joom Donation not only works well with Paypal but also with and all other payment gateways supported by the extension (please note this extension has been development for 3 years and use by so many customers without any problem). So please do contact me again and I will help you to make it work properly.

Regarding the support, I am not sure whether it is a problem with your email or not. But I did replied you via support ticket system, I replied your forum posts but you didn't reply as well. Maybe you didn't receive notification from our support ticket system and forum notification ?

If you receive this message, please contact me ASAP. You can email me directly to or better, please contact me via Skype for support. My skype nickname is tuanpnves. You don't have to look for a different extension, just use Joom Donation (I can assure that it is the best in this category)

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ossolution Team