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I have been working with Joomla for about 4 years now and the only thing that has ever really annoyed me about it was the lack of the ability in module management to set a module to appear under every menu item "except" where as by default I could only set to "none", "all" or select the menu items I wanted it to appear under.

Yesterday I stumbled across this extension (I have searched high and low and never saw it before).

It is brilliant - it does what I want and then some.

I have today upgraded over 10 sites where the feature mentioned above was needed to have it work as I wanted, and it took me less than an hour, with everything working flawlessly.

From now on this is the first extension that will be installed on every 1.5 site I create.

Thank you so much, enjoy spending my donation.
byNormski, May 17, 2011
Firstly I purchased this blog and CorePHP's Wordpress for Joomla at the same time after finding other blogs coming up short...

At the time of purchase Easyblog was at version 1.8 or something and despite it installing like a breeze, having a beautiful backend and being very intuitive to setup in about 3 minutes, it really annoyed me because "out of the box" I had never found a Joomla component with as many styling clashes as Easyblog with Yootheme templates and JCE and FCK editors.

However, the submission of a support ticket revealed the strength behind Easyblog and the company that makes it, Stackideas. I had a reply in less than thirty minutes and they had already gone into my site and put most things right with styling overides and changes. I managed to find more and they did those changes as well, and gave me complete list on how to make the changes every time I installed Easyblog on a new site.

Amazing service but I was still a little peeved that it clashed so much with Yootheme stuff and I would have to manually change quite a few lines of code on every install.

In use however, 1.8 was so far ahead of Wordpress, Zoo and everything else I had tried.

Nothing however prepared me for version 2 released a few days ago!

"Out of the box" the styling is absolutely stunning on all the provided themes, with the "default" and "simplistic" being superb for a slick and professional look that blends with anything. Also, no clashes with Yootheme, big bonus!

I showcased it to a current client the other day with some sample content on, as he wanted a blog and I wanted him to buy one...His reply..."OMFG that's amazing" (he already has a Wordpress blog. It's now being added to his site as we speak :)

Stackideas' support have shown me how to customise the blog template further just on the back of a simple question and I have also been converted to JCE from FCK into the bargain and I am one happy Joomla designer!

For me, their support is simply exceptional, and probably more importantly their attitude to existing customers is excellent. A day after I purchased Easyblog they announced via Twitter that they were selling it at 20% off as an Easter special for a limited period. I dropped them a message saying I felt a bit robbed, tongue in cheek, and I got a mega apology, an extra 3 months on my support package and also 12 months of their EasyDiscuss component for free. Try getting that out of Sky or Vodafone.

All in all, the component is outstanding and the company staff even more so!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!