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Northern Lights

byNorthern Lights, September 14, 2012
Overall, I like SlitelinkX. You can configure it through an item in the component menu, without having to dig out the plugin. It's fairly clear (although I couldn't figure out what the "Tag" field was for), and it works. It's also nice having the option to only have it link the first X instances of the word in any one article.

The downside is that the link back to the developer (which generally I don't mind, given they did the work) is pretty "in your face", that is, unreasonably bold.

Rather than appearing subtly at the end of the page, or suchlike, sometimes it appears (twice!) right after the link itself, in the middle of your content. This happened on my blog layout page. Not good. Sometimes, it doesn't appear at all (generally in single article mode).

I also really wish it had a feature, to *not* link a word to the article it's already on (ie don't create a link to on the actual page). You can't really blame them, as no one else I know has this, but really, I only want my articles linked to from *other* articles.

The other thing missing that really *should* be there imo, is automatic updating. We've had sites hacked a couple of times, and without exception it's been because of outdated extensions.

Those beefs aside, Sitelink X makes a welcome relief for being able to automatically add relevant links to thousands or articles easily, helping our SEO a great deal.

Many thanks to the developer for releasing it free.
Udja Comments
Udja comment looks great, is clean and simple to use and has some nice extras as well, like the ability to have people tick a checkbox when commenting to added to a mailing list.

That said, there are a couple of things that are pretty clunky, for example:

When someone selects the checkbox to be added to the mailing list, there's no mention of where that email / person goes! I couldn't see any way to contact them ever again even though they asked. Really what's needed here is the ability to put in, say mailchimp account details and have them added there.

No akismet integration. They have recaptcha, but not everyone who wants some spam protection wants to put their users through that.

On the topic of spam, messages with banned words still seem to get through. I'm not sure if this is because it only looks for whole words (ie "slotmachine" doesn't block "slotmachinesite") or because it doesn't check the url's for the banned words. All I know is they keep getting through.

Lastly, there doesn't seem to be any way to provide the email or Joomla user where you want notifications. I didn't realize I had hundreds of spam, because it was going to my server's default email address (which I don't use).

Despite these shortcomings, I really like Udja especially considering it's beta. I'm just really hoping the developer will continue to improve it and address the issues above.

You're on the right track. Carry on, onwards and upwards!
byNorthern Lights, July 9, 2012
Wow Login
I have been *desperate* for an extension that would do this for years, and even moreso since upgrading to Joomla 2.5 seems to have stopped the old direct url login method from working.

The extension is well named, as when I logged in to the backend and saw it log in to the front end, I did infact feel like "Wow! I have what I need at last! Woo Hoo!". Unfortunately there was just one small thing missing... specifically that when you log *out* of the backend that it doesn't log you out of the fron end, too. It only works for logging *in*. That said, there is a workaround... just click the "log user out" button next to your username on the Joomla control panel before logging out.

That said, this plugin performs a critical feature that I've been wanting for years for free no less, so I am *extremely* grateful it exists. Now, if you get it logging out of the frontend, too, it'll be absolutely perfect.

Owner's reply

Thank you for review and feedback!

I assure, we will have this features included in next version.