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byNot_Another_Sign_Up, May 28, 2012
I have had a long day!

However, no excuse for this.

Firstly though, to all those that state it worked well and can't understand why other are suffering. We clearly are and congratulations on your success - we are failing to share it!

The software installed -instantly
I was presented with a UPGRADE button
(no warnings, no pre selected options - just click an go)

I clicked it went-
blindingly fast
nice graphics
nice animation load bars( made you feel it was doing something)

Done! Except my brand new theme, with all my 100's of articles, images etc

My admin template - gone!

WARNING this programme may lose your site! It did mine and seemingly with no option to do anything other than click the UPGRADE.

How could I do anthing to prevent that, when the only choice I had was click upgrade or don't!

Yeah - pretty annoyed!