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byNuMoon, February 17, 2010
I already have PURPS on my site (which remains) but have installed this also and am very happy with it. Why? well, PURPS had some problems for me as a component and I have basically restricted it (little hacking here and there) to a profile based game using the CB tab (and renamed it Profile RPS).

The question for the review is, "What does JG RPS bring to the table?"

Well, apart from having a better component interface (a bit basic visually perhaps, but it is working for me where I had issues with PURPS, which was also fairly bland looking), your users are able to challenge other users (or even leave an open challenge for any site member to pick up), and attach a wager (AUP points for me, but other points systems are supported too) to the challenge as well. Not only that, but there is a cute built in integration with Shoutbox, and a nice recent activity set up, the best feature being that you can watch the games replayed for you on clicking the links (images could be a bit better for quality that, I assume they were worried about bandwidth or something, but the idea is great and works a treat).

I have renamed this 'Challenge RPS' and left PURPS on as 'Profile RPS', I just can't get enough of the interactive gaming for my site, and this, along with its 'sister component' (BlackJack) are fantastic additions!

Many thanks Vanama!

Best to all,

byNuMoon, February 17, 2010
JG BlackJack
This is totally excellent, clean and simple, but bringing a much needed user to user interactivity to the site. My site is all about the social, and despite attempts to get users to do anything else, all they want to do is compete in games. Direct user to user gaming has been in short supply, not only does this component serve that function (along with the 'sister component' RPS), but throws in the ability to gamble you points with the users you are challenging.

You can challenge individual members, or leave an open challenge to any member and select the amount you are going to wager (it is of course up to the challenged to accept, the amounts are selectable by drop down box, pre-set by admin backend).

I have to say, I really love it! All I need now, is for Vanama to make loads more components like this! ;)

Thanks Vanama, and best to all,

byNuMoon, September 13, 2008
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I have found this component to be quite excelent. I did have a few 'niggles' on install, however the support I recieved has been excelent (despite a significant time zone difference).

I would recomend checking out the demonstration on the creators site, I have all functions working on my site.

The gallery component itself it very user friendly with an intuitive interface and the full range of options for the user (with no administration required once installed, just what I wanted!). The modules that come with it allow for displaying the uploaded/rated/commented items in a variety of ways (as well as, of course, the individuals gallery).

I am very glad I have this product on my site :)