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I could write a long post about all the wonderful things we do with our real estate site, using iProperty as the main workhorse.
But I'll keep it simple

If you are in need of a working real estate site and if you want to set it up in Joomla, then you need to look at iProperty

The install runs straight out of the box, support is fast and very helpful (Thanks again to Tim and Vinny)

Short said 2 THUMBS up for this extension. It is worth every cent.
byOIECR, May 25, 2012
Account Expiration Control
We decided to provide a subscription base model to our clients and I was thrilled to see that AEC had built a integration with iProperty, who seemed to do exactly what we where looking for.

So, I contacted AEC with some specific questions and within an hour David form AEC answered all of them. Long story short, I purchased AEC and went on my way. After I installed it, which was done right out of the box, I got a bit intimidated with all those available functions, but since the purchase also includes a 30min Support session I wasn't worry at all.
Next day I got contacted by Jake, who runs the AEC support. He helped me getting the basic stuff setup, but i couldn't get it running as planned.

Now I could write a book about the coming days, me struggling with this system, but I guess you get the point....

A few days later, after sending numerous emails to David and Jake, I'm a happy camper with a fully working iProperty Subscription site.

So my recommendation is simple: If you are looking for a way to sell subscription based real estate listings, then go with AEC. It is not an easy system to setup by yourself (if you are not an VERY experienced programmer) but with their support it is a brise to get it done

Thanks so much to Jake and David, who showed an incredible patience with me ;) and helped me to get this done

2 THUMBS UP for this Extension