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byObiku, June 5, 2011
First I want to thank the creator of this extention for his marvelous peace job.
I'm now using it for 7 months and still amazes me for the info it shows me. Of course I also use Google analytics and another analitycs site for a total overview.

There is one thing I want to know, Is it possible for users to import icons for ISP's which are not known to J4age. When I click on the visits tab, there are a few ISP's who have an Icon next to there domainname. Some show an not present image an a lot of them don't have an Icon.
Owner's reply


thank you for your feedback.

this is the wrong place for placing questions, but the ISP icons are loaded directly from the ISP by guessing the favicon.ico URL located on their webapge. Nothing can be imported to j4age.