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byObscurus, October 15, 2010
First of all i want to yell out a big thanks to JW for this com_ to the Joomla! scene!

I've been using K2 CCK system for a long time now, and I find it difficult to understand that people, who use Joomla! have problem to use K2, or that they don't understand how it works. Looks like everyone wants all done for them and they call them self web-developers (a lot of people do!).

Its the simplicity that makes K2 the superior CCK we got for Joomla! I read about people crying there hearts out because they have to change the CCS to make it "fit" on there pages... that must be a joke?! Of cause you have to do that!

The structure that K2 uses is simple enough so you can easy make you own 'templates' in a flash. There are tons of doc on "how to's" for how to use K2, and not on how you make-it-you-own-style, but I think thats not up to JW to learn pepople how do develop pages.

Sit down, take 10 min. and at least try to understand the working structure and the design structure, and you will get things done!

Tip (just in case): Strip a page (ex. item.php) make snippets of the code in DW. up you page and paste the snippets. On with Live view and do the CSS changes in DW. Done! IF this is to much/hard for you, I recommend and/or who have premium templates with nice K2 supported design...