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byOceanwatcher, October 18, 2010
Articles Anywhere
This extension is now in every Joomla installation I do!

With the last update, Articles Anywhere got a VERY important addition: You can use it to create sidebars in your articles in just a few seconds!

I love small extensions like this that makes the flexibility of Joomla even greater. Looking forward to create more and better articles!

This extensions installs without problems, is easy to understand - and a little tip:

Go to the Plugin Manager and open the Editor plugin for Articles Anywhere - you can choose all the default settings there so you do not have to change things like using K2 instead of Joomla Content every time you want to use it.
byOceanwatcher, August 9, 2010
All Weblinks
Easy to install, easy to configure and it does exactly what it should - display links in a module position with a lot of options to adjust the display.

My reason for not adding the last star:

The css file contains a placement for the links of -2.8em and this places the links far to the left of the module edge.

This line should either be removed or adjusted a lot as it is impossible for the plugin devs to know what configuration a user might have in a template. Better use a relative calculation that takes into account the with of the module and make sure it never goes outside the module borders.
Owner's reply

As far as i can see there is no links placement of -2.8 em in the all_weblinks.css i include

All is done in px and %

But the CSS can be made better...


byOceanwatcher, May 19, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
This is one of the MUST HAVE extensions that I always install on a new site. You can not go wrong with this one.
byOceanwatcher, March 27, 2007
This is my first review. But now I had to write one.

I am teaching students at a university how to use Joomla and after looking at several free menusystems I tried this one and it worked immediately. Impressively simple to set up if you already know your way around Joomla.

Congratulations on a well done system. My students will be happy with this one. I wish all extentions for Joomla was as well done as this one.