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byOkefordBoxes, April 23, 2012
It's rare to find software that works just the way you want, especially if it's complex (there's a surprising amount of complication in a horizontal/tabbed menu system) and free!

swMenuFree is just such a rare find.

Within about 30 minutes of installing it I had a horizontal menu that was workable. After about an hour I had tidied it up enough to put my site live again. Another hour, or so, of primping and preening and my old vertical menu had been replaced with a very tidy horizontal menu that should fit my requirements for another six months at least. After that I know that if I need to I'll be able to upgrade to swMenuPro, with confidence, and not have to worry about starting from scratch again.

Even better - I did NOT need to fiddle around in php and css files so I know that if I need to update anything I will not to re-apply any php/css changes.

If only all Joomla extensions were this good. Well done Sean!