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byOlomee, June 28, 2013
WS Portfolio - Sortable Isotope Portfolio
Working on a site with this extension as main navigation.
Useful, lots of options. Good support.
Can cause unresponsive script with validate.js. So the admin is a bit slow but ok.
Result is great.
Thanks for integrating isotope for us!
byOlomee, June 27, 2013
Nice features.
Not my favorite extension from NoNumber but well done as usual. Easy to set up, lots of options.
Dedicated support as always.
byOlomee, June 27, 2013
Content Templater
Save time.
It is not a cck at all but you can do lots of stuff way more easier than with a cck.
Great for:
Consistency in editing.
Saving time repeating templates.
Using plugins and classes
And imagine using that in conjunction with snippets, replacement, scripts, articles and modules placement: check other extensions from Peter...
My Joomla love is greater thanks to NoNumber extensions.
byOlomee, June 27, 2013
What? Nothing!
Fastest and lightest extension ever.
The least useful extension from NoNumber...
There is an hidden feature somewhere...
The video says it all.
byOlomee, June 27, 2013
Cache Cleaner
Click and it's done.
So good when you get paranoid on something not working as expected.
"Must be the Cache"
Seriously it saves time (1sec+1sec+1sec+1sec+...)
byOlomee, June 27, 2013
DB Replacer
What can I say?
To handle with care. You better know what you are doing and keep track.
But seriously, So much use cases.
You won't need it everyday.
But you will sleep peacefully knowing you have this one ready.
Was of great help for an upgrade from 1.5 to 2.5, after having used an extension to import most of the site, used DBReplacer to adapt components and do minor corrections and stuff.
I guess you can drive your joomla site from there...
byOlomee, June 27, 2013
I wanted to test this one for a long time. I knew it existed. I thought about it, dreamed about it (not really)...
Finally, the opportunity arose.
Tried the regex option, it is so fun I'm going to do a gibberish site and do only replacements.
I even tweaked two things in the same place, had to order the replacement and magic happened.
I want to harness all its power.: I need to find something to do with sourcerer!
We are webgicians!
Regular expressions rule.
byOlomee, June 27, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
Another time saving tool from NoNumber. You can set so much rules to place or remove modules that you can play hours with it.
Exclude, mirror, browser much fun.
The coloring stuff is really useful when you get tons of modules. Used it in a 50+ modules site, couldn't have survived without it.
And the J!3 version is just great.
I have experienced slight slowing issue and validate.js unresponsiveness, due to bad extensions symbiosis, lots of menus and mootools but was not really faster without it.
Makes you feel free.
byOlomee, June 27, 2013
NoNumber Extension Manager
Perfect tool to manage the excellent set of extensions.Always have some NoNumber extensions on the websites I do.
One component to rule them all.
Easy to use. All info and actions needed.
byOlomee, November 17, 2012
Good component. Easy to use. Issues fixed by the team. Keep the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review!
Happy Tagging!

byOlomee, October 5, 2012
Articles Anywhere
I'm posting cause the author ask for it in the nonumber forum area ;p.
If you are new to these extensions: there are all great, so many must have!
Articles anywhere is of my favorites: the one you can do the much the easiest, for your content presentation.
Some pro versions might be a bit expensive, this one is definitively a good investment. Will save time, headaches, solve lots of problems and make you creative.
byOlomee, October 3, 2012
Still had an empty output, same as using an empty category or article.
Issues with category redirecting and window title = "blank component".
Useful, but not in any cases. Need improvement, please.
byOlomee, May 24, 2012
Rapid Contact
Great module. Simple with nice options.

I Just had to modify a little the php to add an anchor; so it centers on the module on submit for "error" and "thank you" messages focus. (no need for ajax this way).

Thanks much