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byOmegaOmega, January 26, 2009
This software works as prescribed but I ran into a small hiccup, I use a discrete login on my template and, not realizing it, this tool wouldn't necessarily play well.

However, as a challenge/response validation tool, it works great. Those looking for additional or enhanced security could also couple this with a CAPTCHA component that would really reduce bogus registrations (if that's something you experience).

Overall I like how simple and direct the tool is.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. The program was designed to work with the standard joomla 1.5x login module. My email is below, if I can assist with getting it to work with your discrete login. (webmaster @nospam@

byOmegaOmega, October 9, 2007
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Event though it's young and in beta, this tool is incredible. The backend integration is flawless and admin tool design is cleancut and very functional. There's a great blend between an iconic and text button approach.

File management is fantastic. You can add files with new tasks, after the fact or add files separately altogether, and additionally can be secured to a specific user. Groups management is simple and slightly cumbersome but functions well right out of the box.

I'd like to see a little better front-end systems integration and management or ability to customize its sizing. Additionally workflow management would be useful, requiring that task contributors, etc. require their feedback or submissions be approved by an admin or Project Manager.

Another benefit would be templated projects - allowing users to create new projects with basic or templated tasks inserted (like a drop down menu); even more helpful would be allowing a finished projects tasks to be set as a standard template.

One final thing I'd like to see: integration with a billing/management system. Professional users could use this tool as a Professional Services Proj Mgmt tool. The front-end could help keep customers updated as to their project status; and billable items could be setup with tasks, i.e. billing could occur at 30% completed, 50%, completed, 100, etc.

Otherwise, this tool is incredibly useful for anything anyone has in mind.
byOmegaOmega, October 9, 2007
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This component looks promising, and the prior reviews seem good, but after installing I received a fatal error that brought my site to a standstill. I'm running 1.0.13 on a fresh install

I had contacted them through their support ticket system to let them know there may be a bug and provided access to the backend to show them. They could offer no help, which seemed odd as this was a brand new Joomla! install, and also requested that I order a one hour support install.

The addition of this product including advertising should be another reason users think twice before installing. There are many open source functional projects that can provide Search Engine Friendly URLs.
Owner's reply


sorry, but we cannot support just everyone who is not able to read the documentation and install the component.

We have tens of thousands! of users, for who this works without any problem.